Calling all GIMacculates (GIM-2004-2006)

Hie guys, i am Gary from Mumbai and will be joining Gim. anyone else from the forum going . post here about urself . :smiley: lets have a gr8 time in Goa

Hie guys,
i am Gary from Mumbai and will be joining Gim. anyone else from the forum going . post here about urself . 😃
lets have a gr8 time in Goa


This is shashi kanth from hyderabad, GIM(2004-06). Guys and Gals, if there is anyone in the forum going to GIM, please note that two Yahoo groups have been created for GIM grads:



If anyone going to GIM has not joined these groups, please do so.

Also any doubts regarding the institute can also be posted here. spiderman and me will be glad to reply.


Hey shashi ,
did u get any letter bout the laptop ? some people in mumbai have got it . its a ibm thinkpad r51 and the college is charging 61,500 . so u planning to get it?

HI Gimpanzees! 😛

Surbhi from Baroda!Any more pagalguys in Gim besides the three of us??

Also all from Gujarat.....tell ur travel plans guys!

Take care,

c ya in goa!

Surbhi. 😃

Hey shashi ,
did u get any letter bout the laptop ? some people in mumbai have got it . its a ibm thinkpad r51 and the college is charging 61,500 . so u planning to get it?

Hey there spidey,

well, i dint receive any letter till now but i have the info alrite(talk abt the marvels of human technology---read yahoo messenger). Anyways, i believe three varities are on offer 61/63/65( cd/dvd/combo in that order). Me going for 65 most prolly. Also, i believe a discount of 9k per year on admission fees is on offer for ppl going in for laptops so that effectively makes it 47k. Almost a steal i guess.

Hey surbhi,

Good to know there is another PGian going GIM. That makes it 3. I am sure more ppl will pour in soon.


Hi guys,
pramath here
IF u have'nt got the letter from GIM,i have sent a mail about the important points in the letter.if u have any problems.let me personnally will be going for the 65k like shashi

hie guys,
its been some time since i posted on this tread . well GIM has been a gr8 experience so far . its s nice compact campus , overlooking a river ad on the slopes of a hill.the classes have started and we have some good faculty teaching us .assignments and all have not been so taxing as yet, but seniors say its gona get rigourous after a week or so . there are 2 total pg freaks here, me and shashi kant(fabulist).

more later

ps:shashi where are thou?

So i finally get to post on PG.Almost 3 weeks have passed and how? The first week has been very good . Some lite "orientation" classes and motivational stuff+ introes( read ragging).Once the classes started life became real hectic.We find out out that we have new assignments, projects everyday, not to mention the pending ones coupled with quizzes, tests et al.Sundays are relatively free when compared to weekdays.Many good clubs for all functional areas + cultural clubs etc, everything managed by students. I have joined a few of them. Overall a nice and homely atmosphere with nice peers and excellent faculty.

Hoping to post more stuff in the weeks to come.


weekends are the most fun at GIM as shashi put it . one forgets the slogging one had to do throughout the week on saturday. one thing that one needs to learn quickly how to manage ones time effectively thats all.


hi guys i am back after a long time,
maaf karna,

monsoons are playing a dampner at GIM specially for people who have not seen so much rain. one person from jaipur claims that he has not seen so much rain in all 10 years he has stayed in jaipur. seniors tel us that the actual fun will start once monsoons end in sep.

ok then cya


i'm a student from welingkar institute of management,mumbai. Since you'll would also be getting laptops, i wanted to let you'll know that NM has got an offer for the IBM R 51 1.4 , 256mb ram, 14" tft for 59500. if you want the config in let me know.


A sunday, finally. After a hectic weekend, it surely is a welcome change to have some freetime. Although we do have pending work to do / weekly tests and assignments, it still is a welcome change. As gary puts it, the monsoon season is at its peak. Here rains start withot a warning and play spoilsport for people who have plans to hang out and visit places. Seniors say that the fun actually begins next term when we get to visit places like dudh sagar falls etc. I would personally like to visit anjuna/ mapusa and old goa .lets see it our schedule permits us to do that.........

bye for now...


ps: hey kapil....thanks for the message but we have already got our lappies(its been almost a month) and that too, at a much discounted price.

hey guys...

any of u guys had taken TIME/CL/CF coaching? if yes i am in need of their mock cats..(their centres are not present in Goa)....i have only joined IMS here...n i need to ans more mocks...

please reply..
(final yr engg - Computers)

hi guys,

life at GIM is cool
hey PG i am trying to follow the 3 B's funda here ..and had some sucess

on a serious note , we had important events like the Financial conference(notable speakers like susan thomas were present). also we had the AIMS conference in August where Diretors and faculty from all premier B-schools were present. It was an event that really brought good publicty for GIM.


Please tell abt the placements of GIM and IIT KGP.???????????????????
also wat abt IISC ( never imagined that this techi insti also has mgm courses)

well, about the placements at GIM, we have 100% placements, for both summers as well as finals. I would say that the placement scenario is decent enough if not very good. The average salary last year was approximately 3.2 lacs( without the frills that are generally included while computing these figures) for a batch of 108 students.The companies coming in for placements are good ones although big names like HLL, MCKINSEY are yet to visit the campus for finals.I guess we have some way to go before we reach that stage. I can promise u one thing, the infrastructure, course content, faculty,academic rigour are comparable to any of the top 15 B schools in the country(not counting the IIM's of course).

Hi Guys,
I am sandeep, i am a prospective student of GIM. and preparing for XAT exam. My %age is 54.75% in Btech which i completed in 2004.

I want to know what should be my XAT test score and %ile to gain admission into GIM considering my %age of 54.75 and above avg GD and interview performer and no work exp and also tell me the above details for the person having the same academic %age of 54.75 good GD and interview performer and A WORK EXP of 8 months to 1yr.

plz let me know the above info guys. because i am very desperate to gain admission and on other hand i am very worried whether i can gain entry into this bschool bcos of my low acads

i waiting for ur reply guys


a XAT percentile of 80-85 will be good enough to get a Call from GIM tis year Sandeep


Few details about the yearly corporate quiz competetion WIZBIZ held by the Marketing Club of GIM, MECCA.This time the event was conducted on a much larger scale with a famous quiz master coming in and a succesful attempt was made to "set a standard" to the quiz in a very short period since its inception in 1998.


WIZBIZ 2005, the corporate Quiz Competition organized by Mecca, the Marketing Club of the Goa Institute of Management (GIM), was held on the 5th and 6th of February, at the International Centre. It well attended; by 23 participants including Syngenta, Sesa Goa, India Bulls, students and members of the teaching fraternity (faculty from GIM, IMS etc).

Renowned quizmaster Mr. Avinash Mudaliar, and his partner Mr. Ranjeev Kuruvilla, had designed the quiz to be interactive and innovative.

Twelve teams qualified in the preliminary round (held on 5 February), out of which six top scoring teams made it to the finals (held on 6 February).

The first prize was bagged by Savoir Faire for the second time consecutively; and both times after narrowly avoiding elimination in the preliminaries! It comprised of two Digicams and dinner at The Marriott Hotel. The second prize was a cruise for two in the backwaters of Goa, sponsored by Baron and dinner for two at the Hotel Delmon. The third prize was a three-days-two-nights stay at the Goa Tourism and Development Corporation, a prize from Weekender and dinner for two at the Marinha Dourada.

GIM was second in order of merit, in WIZBIZ 2005. However, being the organizers, they conceded their place to the next in line. The first and second runners up were HDFC and ICICI Prudential, respectively.

A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all. WIZBIZ 2005 has set a benchmark for all similar events in future.