calling all cochin ppl

guys , me went thru almost all the threads in touching lives. n we know tht we dnt hve such a thng in our place so i thought y dnt we strt or assign ourselves wth sme NGOs here ???taking into consideration the working hours the college hours n ou…

guys , me went thru almost all the threads in touching lives. n we know tht we dnt hve such a thng in our place so i thought y dnt we strt or assign ourselves wth sme NGOs here ????taking into consideration the working hours the college hours n our perparation ours i thnk its nearly impossible to srt smethng new by us.... still we can make a difference... wht say vishu n our chachajaan n the peeps who post in cochin thread????????? u guys may fnd ths thread smewht hilarious outa space n wht else shud i say stll i thnk its nt practically impossible well well need ur opinion

No participants!!!

No participants!!

feel sorry that not many ppl in cochin want to join this thread. any ways i am from cochin

come on ppl of cochin. show ur self!!!!

hi am prom kochi but studying in trichy.Will be coming during vacations.Is there anything i can do??????

count me too....

count u in for???

Hi. Me too from Kochi.
We'll surely need a lot more people to start an NGO, and people who have a couple of hours (at least) a day free.
Anyways, good suggestion.

Hi everybody,

Was enthused reading this particular post. It seems to have been a long time since anyone added anything to this. I have come to work in Cochin when this city is on the verge of a large scale economic transformation. The construction of the Metro project, the setting up of Smart City, IIT status for CUSAT, the mega gas project by GAIL. Cochin is all set to take centre stage and a scenario much different from the time of the last post on this thread.

I write that because these transformations have brought about many problems that plague any big city to name few that I have noticed in Cochin ; Rash, reckless negligent driving on non expansible roads with increasing vehicle density, Heaps of uncollected garbage on the road sides.

If any one of you still in Cochin and concerned or having valuable additions, go ahead and hit your keyboard,

Hey there Cjoe

You bring up a good point about how with the economic boom taking place and poised to accelerate in the city, the infrastructure will start going to the dogs.

And the trash situation is seriously going for a toss... I am personally quite keen on doing something regarding this and have started off a small project of sorts in relation to it.

If you're serious and have some ideas about what you want to PM me, I want to get something moving in the city.

Hi ,
I am a new member of the pagal guy community. I read your post and found it interesting. I was thinking along the same lines. I am interested in starting an NGO for educating poor children and hope to create some funds for a startup through ads on my website. You can check out my site My email Id is [email protected]. Feel free to contact me. Oh, and I live in Cochin, Kaloor to be more precise.

hi uday,
its good that u have posted here... i was feeling that the noble cause with which Rani opened this thread would die off as such.... i think we can work something out and help with the social work. For that we need to form a group and plan our activities. But please refrain from posting ur email address on the forum as it is against the forum rules...

p.s. plz make the correction


As posted on the Cochin Orkut Group:

Hey Guys,

I just figured that I'd let you know about this little initiative happening in our own Cochin city.

There's a group called Make a Difference, thats come together in the last month or so, and they're focussing on providing meaningful and educational interaction with under-privileged children.

Check out their site here

You can join their Orkut group here.

They'll be meeting at 9:30 AM on Saturday at Women's Association, Near TDM Hall, MG Road.

Drop in if you're interested.

ps: Mods could you please change the thread name to "Cochin Community Service".


This seems like a prospective beginning. I happen to look at their site, a novel effort indeed. I would try to make it to their meeting on Saturday.
I would definetely be interested in looking at how they intend to garner corporate support, an area where I have some expertise.

Thanx j0,

Hey Cjoe,

I really hope you make it to their meet today. I have to work and hence can't come by today, will probably meet these guys tomorrow or next weekend.

What about the rest of the junta? The threadstarter with her colorful enthusiasm seems to be missing here. 😁

hi j0,

The same here, had to work today in lieu of the hartal last tuesday. Wished I could make it there.

Do let me know if these guys plan such an activity again.



They have a meet every saturday, check out their site and orkut'll get all the contact info you need.

chal hope to see you on this weekend. Take Care 😃

Public Service Announcement:

For those who might be interested, these guys are meeting up again at 9:30am at the Women's Association.

Check it out if you care.