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SPJAIN and XLRI has made it cumpolsory to buy a Laptop. While reseraching about NOTEBOOKS, i come across so many terms that it fuels further confusion. please help. SPJAIN has asked for this configuration mobile centrinointel pentiu…

SPJAIN and XLRI has made it cumpolsory to buy a Laptop.

While reseraching about NOTEBOOKS, i come across so many terms that it fuels further confusion. please help.

SPJAIN has asked for this configuration

mobile centrinointel pentium M
1.5 Ghz with intel 855 chipset
1 Mb cache/ 400 MHZ FSB
256 MB upgradable to 2048 Mb DDR RAM of 266 Mhz
1,44 " FDD
LI-ion battery backup for 3 hrs of duration
LAN Enabled : 10/100
Modem 56 kbps
14" XGA/ IFT screen
wireless support
Win Xp Pro-operating system

They have asked for 85,000/- for the same. Guys please help if the similar configuration could be purchased for less. : Also meaning of terminologies used.


Guys please help if the similar configuration could be purchased for less. : Also meaning of terminologies used.

Hi Rohit,

I don't have too many details about laptop configs, but I believe that Centrino technology is relatively new to the market, and laptops with that would be pretty expensive.

Centrino is Intel's new technology for wireless use. Here's the link to Intel's page on it...


whoa...thats a hig config they are asking for...
most of the stuff is standard though...and the price also seems fair...
the only place you can compromise is the processor you go for...
a P4 will cost you mush less but cosnsumes a lot of power...

currently, as far as branded stuff is concerned, Acer seems to be giving the most inexpensive laptops...also try getting hold of a Compaq dealer...presarios also have good deals!!!

Hi guys

XLRI mentions that it would provide the students with a Laptop for Rs.60,000/-

Does anyone know about the brand or config that they are offering??

the config query was shot to the comp deptt of xl by a fellow xler, mr. tiwari (the guy in charge) saya tht they r still in process of negotiating a deal wid ibm/acer/compaq/dell... the tentative config is Intel PIV/ Clock Speed 2.0 Ghtz or higher /DVD combo drive or CDR/W/ 128-256 MB RAM / 40 GB HDD/ 10-100 MBPS Lan Card/ 1.44 MB FDD/Display- 14"

i think its a deal in 60K


ps-> its not compulsory to own a laptop in xlri, one can bring along a desktop as well, though laptop is preferable.

SPJAIN is providing notebooks for 72,000/-. The models on offer are as follow.

1. hp compaq business series nx5000
2. IBM R51.
3. Toshiba satellite series.

My analysis about hp and IBM is as follow:-

Hp vs. IBM

5 Hrs battery back-up due to 8 cell battery, IBM has 3 hours.

Hp is not centrino, it is Pentium-M with 855GM chip set. . IBM is centrino.

1 IEEE1394 port which is not there in IBM. This port is used to connect to latest devices like camcorders, external hard drives etc.

Hp is 15 inch monitor, IBM is 14 inch.

IBM is sturdier than Hp.

Hp has world class JBL pro speakers, while IBM has something of their own. JBL is world leader in sound technology.

Hp has PCMCIA slot for data transfer, IBM specifications does not mention about it, so I am assuming it is absent.

IBM has lot of proprietary technologies embedded for data protection and other things, Hp does not have.

IBM providing 3 yrs warranty, Hp only one year.

None of them has DVD. IS IT REALLY REQUIRED?

Both have CD 24X.

Hp have 256 MB RAM DDR @ 333 MHZ, while IBM has 256 MB RAM DDR @ 266 MHZ

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i have taken admission in scmhrd. even i am interested in buying a laptop and did some research on it.......
dell and acer are the cheapest.
cd, dvd player and writer is a must.
pentium 4 laptops are cheaper abroad and as duty has been waived on laptop import, can be easily brought to india (contact your uncles and aunts abroad)
one of my friend bought a sony vio 15 monitor, cd dvd player and writer (combo), p4 2.88 ghz, etc. etc. for 75k....... in india it may cost over a lack.

hi SP JAIN_ ROHIT and others

i m also joing sp jain, but dubai centre.
i think u shud go ahead with the notebook spj is providing as they r very reasonable. they r buying those in bulk from dubai and u won't get a better config + better offer than that.

Also there is hardly any difference b/w Pentium -M and centrino
check the wireless card u require if it si 802.11g then only Toshiba A100, P10,M30 or IBM R series either R50 or R51 can support if it is 802.11a/b then any thing can support then u also donot require any pIV or Centrino. even celeron can suffice and that would cost somewhere 44k of HP and is best in its class.

if at all u r planning to buy in India urself then go for any of the following:

toshiba: Portege A100, Satellite: P10 or M30. ( THIS IS THE BEST DEAL IN INDIA)

IBM r very costly and they donot have good config according to price though they r the most reliable.
i think toshiba is good deal here in India with good support system.

any help reqd. in this matter feel free to post



If anybody wants to buy a laptop at his own, toshiba is the best buy in the market.
Its quite cheap and also value for money.
Also, dere's no need of buying p-4 laptop as a pentium processor finds hardly any applications in a laptop( u r not buying it for playing games i suppose!!!)

So, dere's no need of spending bout 75 k for a laptop.
A gud celeron toshiba laptop vill cost u only bout 40k

Hi ppl...this is usefull thread...
I have got into SJMSOM at IITB and they have also indicated that laptops wud be made compulsory ( and acc. to a mail reply to my querry ..they are working on the scheme ). Although i am awaiting IIM results..but i did some research on laptops. The bottomline was that ACER emerged as the best buy for students like us. The models are cheap and some features make them stand out.

1. ACER brand is a worldwide top brand when it comes to laptops..

2. ACER's laptops are probably the only laptops that are offering floppy drives as a part of the standard equipment. Although companies have customisation schemes abroad thru which u can get a floppy drive added for around Rs. 1500(and other components also at some additonal price) . But no such scheme is on in INdia. And a floppy drive is very important sometimes.( although not absolutely compulsory)

3. Prices are the most competitive in market.(entry level models at around Rs. 50,000 with good configs) Only toshiba matches a bit in price but then ACER brand is way above toshiba.

Apart from that samsung recently brought out a model targeted at students but it wasnt very impressive..u can see the is displayed there.

Plus some ways u can save some money on a laptop is

1. Go in for a celeron instead of Pentium IV or centrino.

2. Go in for LINUX as the standard OS supplied with the system. tht will get u a clean save of around Rs. 5000 compared to Microsoft XP home edition..(which is right now the norm in the market)...but going in for linux can mean some limitations. do some research on ur college's systems etc and get their advice before buying it with linux.

3. And the best way to save money is get it from some relative mentioned earlier...duties have been waived and u might get a very good bargain.

PS: I saw DELL site also..and their systems are also worth thinking about. IBM is a very good brand but most of the models are above 75000 80000.

I own a Sony Vaio, 2nd year running with absolutely no problems. well, i did have to change the adapter last year. But i use my vaio a lot, so that was no surprise. Sony Vaio is expensive for similar models , but its my personal choice.

I am sure most might go for Deals from their B-Schools. But in case, you want to consider other options...


1. Dell is not a good choice. i am talking relatively here compared to toshiba probably. I have heard many complaints about Dell. Dell desktops are great, but i cant say that about their laptops.

2. Cost should be your priority,but consider reliability too.

3. Toshiba is probably one of the better ones out there. two of my other friends own one and are happy with it. for the design conscious, consider a Sony Vaio. 😃

4. I strongly advise that you check out the quality of customer support before dealing with a company. It is one of Dell's strengths atleast in the US computer market.

5. Get as much RAM as possible. 40 Gigs on your hard drive would be fine. if you need more storage, you can always get a external hard drive.

for more , there is a seperate thread on businessweek dealing with this topic. you might want to read those posts.



plz donot buy ACER, its cheap but not reliable. My very goo friend deals in laptops, he says he sold 1500 laptops of IBM to companies and equal no. of laptops of Toshiba and ACER to other companies ( recently HUTCH has arrived in CHD).
the complaints received on avg. of these btrands is:

IBM: 50/1500 ( replacements)
TOSHIBA: 75/ 1500 ( "" )
ACER: 500/ 1500 ( "" )

so going costwise and reliability/support one in INDIA must go for TOSHIBA



Good thread to discuss on as ppl have started getting final admits..!!

I am waitlisted in SPJ and final admit in NMIMS. So would have to get a laptop in whichever instt I get to join.

For a little of my intro..!!

I am working as technical specialist in a MNC Computer Call Center.. !!
GUESS Which one..!!

Yes !!!


And I have my brother in law as a Sales Manager in HP India.
So as an employee of Dell, I can purchase the laptops under Employee Purchase Plan (EPP). And I can get an HP Laptop as well.

However, I just wanted to know that CAN WE REALLY GET OUR OWN LAPTOP for SPJ or NMIMS.

Or is it compulsory to buy from the instt.. comsidering they are asking for the DD for Laptop cost as well.

Somebody mentioned here that Dell Laptops are not good...!!
Dont consider myself supporting my company, but considering Dell as number 1 in portables in US market, it really speaks something about it.

To clear the picture, Dell has two lines of portable systems.

Inspiron and Latitude...!!

Go to the website and look for Latitude systems. You would love them and they really are wonderful. INspiron are not that good and have problems. :)

But Latitudes are just wonderful systems. Some of them without any drives are sleek like a notebook. Well that's why they are also called Notebook comps.

I have heard that even HP systems are good. however, cost wise Acer and toshiba have edge over others...

But initially I would like to know for sure, if we can buy our own laptops or not. !!

Sameer Gupta

Thanks Anuj, Sameer and all of u for throwing light on such a tech subject. :x

I have another question, i hope v can discuss that out as well.
I agree that with such good branded laptops, v wud get the OS registered. But what abt the Office ??

Does that mean that v gotta pay another 30K for MS Office? or is that a part of the quotations taht the instis offer?
If v gotta buy registered sw, will going for offices of Lotus and Staroffice (sun micro) do any good?
I have a reg original Lotus office and the StarOffice is free 😛 on the net to dw.

But again my point is that,
a) Can v save the docs prepared in the other offices to the MS ppt or MS xls format?
b) Can v open the MS Office files from the internet on our StarOffice / Lotus office?

I need the techies to throw some light on this part.
I dont feel like spending another 30K for Office after purchasing a laptop from Spjain at 65K (sp jain Dubai)


PS: I am gona be using the laptop in Dubai, i understand that Dubai is NOT India and the piracy rules can b strict and i could be a victim of some serious penalty

SPJAIN has put 3 brands on offer

1. Hp-Compaq
2. IBM
3. Toshiba.

There's no doubt that Toshiba offer is the coolest one. Let me tell you brief history.

In year 2002 SPJIMR offered only Toshiba
In year 2003 SPJIMR offered both Toshiba and IBM
This year they are offering 3 brands. So Toshiba is well tested by guys at SP. now one of my friends at SP told that TOSHIBA is not very sturdy, it has battery problems. He told due to excess usage even IBM batteries gets worn out; however the incidence is higher in Toshiba.

Hence Toshiba ruled out for me. IBM ruled out since Compaq offers IEEE port, PCMCIA port which i am assuming missing in IBM (since they haven't specified). Also Compaq has JBL speakers.JBL is leader in sound technology. Further Compaq has 5 hrs battery backup.

The only thing i am missing out is DVD, which i would get upgraded after some time. DVD is not so popular in India, it's required if you travel abroad. In India you can do without DVD.


But again my point is that,
a) Can v save the docs prepared in the other offices to the MS ppt or MS xls format?
b) Can v open the MS Office files from the internet on our StarOffice / Lotus office?
Yes, you can save/open docs made in star office in MS office and vice versa.

Hey Sameer,

U mentioned something abt employee discounts offered in Dell. How much of a discount do Dell employees get?

Also I'm interested in buying the Dell Inspirion 600m with a 1.6 Ghz centrino, 60 GB HDD, DVD + CDRW Combo, 512 MB Ram, 64 MB ATI RADEON 9000 AGP 4x graphics card. I've got a quote of Rs. 85745 from Dell for the same. (Win XP Home edition OS)

The reason I'm interested in the Dell 600m is because:
1) Its a Centrino based laptop => Its doesn't heat up too much.
2) Its light (2.3 Kgs)
3) It has alot of connectivity options: Wireless LAN, IEEE port, Serial / Parallel Port, USB, Swappable media bay, IrDA port etc. etc.

Also do you know if I can upgrade WinXP Home to WinXP pro form a pirated CD?


Hi Sameer

Can u check the cost of the following Config
Processor : Centrino or Pentium 4

Operating System :Microsoft windows XP Professional

Memory:512 MB

Hard Disk:80 GB

Optical Drive:DVD-CD RW Combo Drive

Graphics:32 mb Video Ram

Screen Size:38.1 cms XGA TFT

Wireless Card:802.11g compliant (please note 802.11 a and b
would not suffice

in DELL or HP if i have to buy.
this would be so kind of u.



hey guys... a quikc suggestion... if u cud get down laptops from the US... nthing like it... u can get amazing configs between 1000-1250$US eyes closed... the same wud cost you atleast 25% more elsewhere... dubai is the next cheapest place after US and then u could get on down from china....
all this would work only if you have ppl coming from there... or else.. i dont think u guys should at 8-10k ... pick a laptop that would have good resale value or would serve you on a long run... my personal advice... pick a worldwide known brand Pentium Centrino 1.5 atleast, 30-40gb hdd, IEEE port, CD writer (trust me, will be real handy), Decent 14-15" XVGA screen, 10/100 Lan ... alll these are the basic requirements anywhere you use ur laptop... i did a bit of research n found laptops in US wth this config and a few more goodies at around 1000$ and i am looking for someone to handcarry it for me... no customs na :-)...

unfortunately... i hvent got anywhere.. but i need a laptop coz i am a comp freak...and esp at the deal has tempted me...