BSPHCL Assistant IT Manager Recruitment 2016-17

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Worst case time complexity of randomized quick sort?

Which sorting technique gives same time complexity when given nos is in reverse order also?

Which sorting technique gives all best, avg, worst case equal and what?

Year mere pg me q option ke sath post krne wala option nhi as rha what to do?

Binary sort best, avg, worst case?

  • 1,log n, n^2
  • 1,log n, n
  • 1,log n, log n

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No one is trying questions?

  Which data structure is used in breadth first search of a graph to hold nodes?


  • Tree
  • Stack
  • Array
  • queue

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  Identify the data structure which allows deletions at both ends of the list but insertion at only one end.

  • Stack
  • Output restricted qequeue
  • Input restricted dequeue
  • Priority queues

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Guys aaj raat operating system ka q post krna

Guys pls post link to download admit card as and when its available.

What is throughput of a system?

What is degree of multi programming?

Bhailog kuchh to post kro!!!

Any mcq site for covering this huge syllabus??

Any information regarding exam date ?Because its mentioned as tentative date. 

 Find the output of the following program? 

    int str=0; 

  • false
  • True False
  • RoLF
  • WTF i don’t know!
  • beep
  • true
  • logical fault
  • error

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भाई लोग थक गया अब .... ये सब को सीख लो अब...

Plz post more questions....

Huge collection of study books ...enjoy