BSNL Junior Engineer post-Tamilnadu

To discuss about exam happened on 29th september 2016

According to me error in answer key of 29 th September morning shift 1.miss printed questions Q-26,33,38,97. 2.more than two options are correct-Q-49,52,64,136. 3.none of the given option is correct Q-60. 4.wrong answers 10-b,29-a,37-c,48-d,55-a,60,64-a,70-c,72-a,86-c,87-a,95,102-a,103-dielectric,108,112,116-b,121,122-c,128-c,129-b,131-d,132-b,133-d,134,136-b/c,137-d,143-b,145-b,146-c,147-a,149-d,158,161,162-b,164-c,172-a,174-a,175-c,187-c,197-b,200-d. plz cross check once n let me correct if I'm wrong at any place. thank u       "qu޿�M�ua

Any information regarding call letter for document  verification ?

Any news about DV from Tamilnadu circle?