BSNL JE (TTA) 25th evening batch

Hello all!, let us discuss question of BSNL JE TTA 25th evening batch

6   Choose the word   which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words: PROSPEROUS    

Announced: Under-privileged 

True:  Worse  

34   ∫ sec 3x tan 3x dx

Announced: 1/3   sec x2 + c   

True: 1/3 sec 3 x + c  

 35   ∫   sin2 3x dx =       

Announced: c

true: a

36 announced: a=2

  true:    a=1 

37.  If the vectors   2i+3j+ k ,   3i+xj+k are orthogonal then x= 

Announced:  4

True:   None (6-3x+1=0 ::::  x=7/3)

50   Visible   spectrum lies between

announced:   microwaves and infrared spectrum 

true:  infrared spectrum and ultraviolet rays

53   Unit   of wave length is 

announced:  μs-1  

true: m 

100   NOR   Gate is equal to   

announced: NAND   gate with negated input  

true: None 

103 No   English version of question was available in exam

146   The   impact of rains on microwave communication is higher in

announced:   No Impact at all 

true:  Higher Frequency ranges

[source:rain fade]

148   A 50   watt light bulb burns an average of 10 hrs a day for one week. The total   kilowatt hour consumption is

announced:   0.35

true:   3.5

149   A 12 V battery   with an internal resistance 0.5 ohms feeds a series circuit containing 20   ohms, 10 ohms, and R. Find the value of R if the current in the circuit   is 0.2A.

announced: 15.5

true:   None 

157   A   meter connected in parallel with a component to measure ___

announced:   None  

true:  Voltage 

158   When   the D.C. Voltmeter is connected with polarities reversed

announced:  The pointer deflects upscale

true:   The pointer deflects downscale 

166   Determine   the range of K for stability of unity feedback system whose open loop   transfer function is G(s)=K/s(s+1)(s+2)   


true:   K=6

174   The   system response can be tested with   

announced: Ramp input signal

true:   Unit impulse response    

175   In a   critically damped system, the damping factor of the system is   

announced: Less than unity 

true:  Unity

184   Decimal   15 equals ____ in binary.

announced: 1101

true:   1111 

186   The number   of bytes in an instruction for 8085 can be  

announced: One only 

true:   One or two or three

188   In   8086, the physical address of an instruction contains _______ bits.   

announced: 18 bits

true:   20 bits

199   Hardware   of the computer is   

announced: Programming component   

true:Physical component   

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