BSNL JE 25th morning

discuss all the wrong answers given by bsnl

SNRq of pcm?,,two questions on slope overload in delta modulatio?.....symmetry and reciprocity of two port networks ....these are not in the answer key

start with GA section.......

DADA sahab falke will be correct ?......otherwise unki aatma ko shanti nahi milegi bhaiyo......

ques.33 max value of (1+cosx)sinx anyone calculated it?

ques.35 none of the ans is correct

ques.38 Given ans is incorrect. a and d are correct options

ques.51 SI unit of Inertia will be kg m^2

ques.55 Sound waves are longitudinal 

ques.59 none of the ans are correct

ques.72 ans will be 1:2

ques.74 At low frequencies soft iron is used not copper

ques.84 Inductive reactance increases with frequency willbe correct one.

ques.89 Astable multivibrator is used as squaring circuit .

my frnd told to me please give objection to bssnl because they checked only qn thats used to objection and they give marks whick candidates that give objection my frnd is JTO corporate office bsnl so i reqested to all frnd please give objection to bsnl 


Close circuit techniques are based on

  • superposition theorem
  • kirchoff voltage law
  • kirchoff current law
  • thevenin theorem

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The gauge factor of a resistance wire strain gauge is a measure of

  • Resistivity
  • sensitivity of the gauge
  • Dynamic rang of disp meas
  • Resolution

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guys 25 th morning wrong answer correction mail anyone  completed or not  if anyone have done please send so that maximum no of studet can send


Anyone have reference for Q no 136...which have 64 kbps answer

List of questios with wrong/repeated answers:

28, 30, 35, 37, 38, 51, 55, 59, 74, 84, 103, 104, 107, 120, 130, 171, 184, 185, 186, 187, 198

Add, if any wrong question still left.

if anyone have made 25th morning pdf plzz send me

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i want some references

Kitne reference mile bhaiyo....

Please post the reference for Q 130 foster seelay discriminator uses a 


Is the "Signature of Candidate" in the proforma mandatory?  In case it's mandatory, do we have to send the two files (1) proforma and (2) Enclosures containing Proof/reference. We need to print the proforma to put the signature on it and then upload it.  

mail krna h ya speed post

Hope Guys your efforts will bring Success by correcting approax 30s ans


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