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Hi,I am expecting a score around 650 in GMAT (18th july,2012). I have 5 years 7 months of work exp. Can someone suggest me few bschools in india and Singapore where I can send my score on the exam day…Though I know colleges say that they don’t …


I am expecting a score around 650 in GMAT (18th july,2012). I have 5 years 7 months of work exp. Can someone suggest me few bschools in india and Singapore where I can send my score on the exam day..Though I know colleges say that they don't have any cut's known to everyone that they have certain benchmark of gmat score which they don't disclose..I want to send my score only to the colleges where I stad a chance..please suggest.

Hi @[565229:xbubai], what type of MBA program are you looking for, more specifically? A GMAT score of 650 is pretty good, you'd be able to try out for the top universities in Singapore offering MBA programs -

"The Admissions Committee will review your application and assess your profile as a whole (work experience, undergraduate grades, essays in the online application, interviews, etc). There is no minimum score but a GMAT score of 600 will be a good gauge." - National University of Singapore

Here's a list of the best programs you can enroll in in Singapore:

Singaporean MBA Programs

HEC Paris and NUS Double Degree MBA
S3 Asia MBA
UCLA and National University of Singapore MBA

Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA
NANYANG-ESSEC Double Masters
Nanyang Fellows MBA
Nanyang Executive MBA


International MBA Programs in Singapore

University of Chicago Booth EMBA
Manchester Business School MBA
S P Jain Centre of Management MBA

Additional information here -

Let me know if this is helpful for you =)

Hi HermanS,

Thaks for your feedback..I am looking for Supply Chain Management.. I am actually from IT but I mostly do Quality and defect prevention related works rather than coding or testing. Hope this helps.

Have you consider this program? -

@[584874:HermanS] I recently attended the Bangalore Information Session of Columbia Business can read my experiences here

@amitkpandey Thanks for sharing =) You provide really good insights on your blog, I enjoyed reading it. Just a small suggestion, you might want to use more line breaks and paragraphs, it'll make your posts easier to read

Hermans, what is average GMAT score required for NUS, SMU, NANYANG ?

Hey Toby, for NUS, you'd be looking at 658 minimum, your amount of work experience is also important, most students there have been in the work force for at least 5-7 years.

NANYANG states that you'll need a GMAT of at least 600, most students in the course have an average of 665.

For SMU, the student profile of their recent part time intake was as follows - 660 average GMAT, and average age of 30.

I hope this answers your question =)

Thank you so much HermanS 😃

how is ibs mumbai? can anyone suggest some good colleges excpt in delhi and hyderabad

I want information on Shiv Nadar University and its MBA program. Specifically, the admission criteria

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hi all ,

i would like to know about itm pgdm i-connect ! how is the program , faculty , placements ? navi mumbai and mumbai campus?

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Hi I got 630 in my GMAT and I have three years of work experience … and I wanted to do one year MBA program …I don't mind doing it full time but it should ne a good reputed university !!! suggest me please … Thanks in advance 😃 😃

Hi ! I am planning to do MBA this academic year..and I am searching for one year MBA programs.. I have three years of work experience and a good GMAT score..And I heard that

S P Jain GMBA program is really good, I was wondering if S P Jain also offers scholarships to students.

IMT Hyd or SDMIMD ???which one is best for HR specialisation???

I have five years of work experience and currently preparing for my GMAT.Recently I heard about S P Jain GMBA program.Can someone please tell me about its rankings?