Broad (Michigan State) 2013 - admits & applicants

I like to begin the thread for a healthy discussion about the admits and applications. I applied to broad( MSU) MBA in Round 1 and got the admit. My profile:GMAT: 710Work exp: 6+ in oil & gas PSU

I like to begin the thread for a healthy discussion about the admits and applications. I applied to broad( MSU) MBA in Round 1 and got the admit.

My profile:
GMAT: 710
Work exp: 6+ in oil & gas PSU

Do anyone has any update about the scholarship? kindly share.

@joinashish Hi,
I too received an admit. But nothing is mentioned about GA or scholarship. Going through the last year thread, I guess they announce the scholarship around a week later, though I'm not that sure. Will call Paul tonight to confirm the same.

Guys... got a scholarship mail an hour back. 😃

@DG gr8....from whom? u mind sharing the information....

Hi Guys, got a admit from Broad... Applied in round 1 ... No news of scholarship yet ... But it seems the scholarship mails have started pouring in ... All the best to you guys ...

got a mail from beth.. its not a GA but id have to pay instate tuition. this would save me 15k per year in tuition fees

Received scholarship mail....very to interpret.. any help

Congrats Ashish and DG .... No news for me yet ...Keeping my fingers crossed ..

In with GA+ Scholarship...

Congrats @joinashish and @DG

Hello Everyone,

I am also applying in R2. My profile is:



Work ex-3 years


What are my chances of getting GA?

Please share all the relevant information regarding interview.

@subhayu2005 Congratulations ! GA + Scholarship is almost a free ride :)

Hi All
I applied in round I and got admission with GA+ Scholarship+ Bi weekly Stipend. Because tuition + living expenses for 2 years will cost me less than 40000$ i am giving serious consideration to Broad program and depositing initial amount secured my seat. Any one of you
who has decided to join program or making a decision to accept or reject the program offer please contact me at [email protected] I had telephonic conversation with several current Indian and International students. So with my little knowledge about program and your experiences we can make better decisions.
@Upendra.uky mailed u...plz check

Hello All,

Many Congratulations on receiving the admit and scholarships. I have also received admit with in-state tuition and an additional scholarship of $10,000 per annum. I will be accepting the offer today.

Can anyone pls guide me with the Statement of Financial Proof form needed for I20. The form says that we need to show proof for $630901 for 1st year, however, I have following doubts about it:

1) Can we provide the proof of amount after considering the scholarship
2) I am looking for a possibility to take loan from a U.S. bank to finance my MBA. Can we consider that amount in this form?

Also, does anyone have any insight into the loan process?

Your reply is much appreciated.


Dear friends, I have created google group for Broad MBA 2013 admissions MSU BROAD Spratan 2013. I request you all to join the group so that we all may get the benefits of each other research.

Hi All,

I applied in R1, got an admit and out state tuition waiver.

@joinashish : looking forward to joining your group.
@Upendra.uky : Many congratulations. Please share ur profile.

@@ManitaV , same doubts haunt me.

If cleared, please share details.


Hello Rishab (ronakooh),

Have you accepted the Broad Admit? Paul North, the admission officer at Broad has sent a mail on 9th Jan regarding the financial proof form specially to the admitted international students. So, if you have given a offer from Broad, you must have received that.Do let me know if you havent, I will forward the same to you.