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Solving quants and LRDI doubts

Approach to solve this question .

P and Q are 2 towns connected by a direct road. Biswas started from Q at 9:00 am and travelled towards P. Ashok started from P at 11:24 am and travelled towards Q. They crossed each other at 12:36 pm. Biswas reached P 66 min before Ashok reached Q. At what time Biswas reached P.

a) 2:12pm

b) 2:06pm

c) 2:00pm

d) 2:24pm

% f38

If the answer is not in the options(answer can be determined). Do we mark Cannot be determined?

  • 1000
  • Cannot be determined
  • 1200
  • 800

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Can someone please provide detailed solution for this?