BRBNMPL (wholly owned subsidiary of RBI) Assistant Managers written qualified candidates………..

any puysssssssssss……………

any puysssssssssss...............

Waiting for interview schedule.............

@chandu1489 @md_bari @siva1988 @sheetu123 @sambitpupun @prasanna2000 & @ few others who are following this thread. Guyz , Seriously is any1 preparing for this. If u r then pl. post u r mthd/ideaz.

😠there r abt 180+ candidates for 40+ seats. Little cooperation will do everybody a world of good.👍

Interview should arrange atleast in Four metro cities for the ease of the candidates........What do u think puysssssss???????????

Hey puys is this a gov org or a private one?
any idea abt perks nd salary.

where r u puyyyyyyssssss??????????/

Anyone whose interview on 19th...........

hey puys, who ever completed the interview just share ur experiences. . 😃😃😃

How was your interview frnds?


I have some doubts. Is this exam conducted every year? Is it for MBA's ? What is the annual pay? How tough is the screening exam compared to CAT/XAT ?

ppl if u have any doubt regarding the company or u need any info post ur question here .

Waiting for result

All the best for everyone who got selected.Wishing you a great success.

Going for Medical at RBI, Kolkata. Anybody for there???

Going for Medical at RBI, Kolkata. Anybody for there???

any news on joining dates?

Anyone appearing this year for Assistant manager ??

what is the detailed syllabus for this post...if anyone hv then do send the link. Thanks.

Who all are appearing for brbnmpl ? pls comment. join wassap group 8287480648