Brandeis IBS 2009 - admits

Hey pugs, I got an admission offer from Brandeis… and they offered 60% scholarship…anybody out there who is considering brandeis…:new_scatter:

Hey pugs,

I got an admission offer from Brandeis.. and they offered 60% scholarship...anybody out there who is considering brandeis....:new_scatter:

I also got an offer from Brandeis for part time MSF program. I was wondering how good this program is? I have applied in Boston college too and waiting for their decision. Please let me know if anybody on this board has knowledge about Brandeis?

I got an admit in Brandeis. mavillapooja and Whytowait can you please post your profile? I am little skeptical about Brandeis's coursework and jo0b prospects! Though I know that people living in MA put it as one of the best B-School - I heard it from one of my the then co-worker.
Guys any idea about this?

Hi camitava,

I am working with an MNC in hyderabad with close to 3 yrs of experience. My GMAT score was 610 and have good academics background. Brandeis is a pretty good name in Boston and i have one of my cousin there whose company hires Brandeis MBAs very frequently. So on his suggestion i decided to go ahead with it. I spoke to couple of seniors on phone and they told that couple of students are placed and the placements are still going on.

Hope i answered your questions.

Yop! I understand... However r u decided to go to brandeis? Hope, u will be my class-mate then 😃

yes i have decided to join brandeis.... preparing for visa formalities. There is a guy from Bangalore too....he too would be joining us........give me your personal email id...we can chat

Any more guys decided to go for Brandeis!

Hi Guys,
I ve got an admit too 😃 .... but confused bw kogod(american) and brandeis... any suggestions ?..

Hey indianroks,
Can we get ur profile pls? According to me, Brandeis is good local B-School in Boston, MA. It has a good reputation in MA and New York area. But do not have much idea about Kogod. But I believe, Kogod is good under-graduate school. Anyone has any idea abt Kogod?

Hi Amitava,

Got a 610 in gmat,111 in toefl and 2.5 yrs work exp. I am still not sure which one to take... The prob with Brandeis is that it seems to be very unpopular outside Boston. But for economist, no one else has ranked it as a top b school.
(It is not even listed as a B school in USnews). Does anyone ve any idea y this is so...

Indiaroks, I can add a point here -
Brandeis IBS has a good name for finance MBA and MAif program. So if u wish to move ur career in finance, I will suggest that Brandeis may be a good option for u to select! The basic advantage u can get is that as the school is new, admin will probably give major attention towards it. I am still hoping for the best and according to my research about Brandeis, IBS is a fast growing B-school in that area. So hopefully u will get a special attention to build ur career there!

hi guys,

even i have heard that the school has a good name in boston area for undergrad and IBS is a new start up... but does the school have a good reputation/recognition in india, am not sure abt that??

did anybody get any scholarship? also how are you guys planning to fund the mba?


Hi guys,

I also got admit fro MBA 2009 fall from Brandeis. Can anybody let me know what will be expenses per year for MBA?