Bradford MBA 2011 Admits!!!!

Anyone going to Bradford School of Management in September???

Anyone going to Bradford School of Management in September?????

Hello rohanmufc, I also secured admission in Bradford School of Management for Sept-2011. Awaiting my visa.
How about you ?

I already got my visa bro...m leavin around septmbr 12th...
Where are you based????and where are you staying in Bradford??

Thats gr8.....I am also planning to leave around Sept 12th only. Currently in Pune, but will be leaving from Delhi. Haven't decided about accommodation. Probably I will take a temporary place to stay and then look around for suitable place. Learnt that private accommodations will be cheaper.

How about you ? You staying in university accommodation or opting for private ones ?

good work bro,what flight are you taking???i 'll be on air india (111, i guess) leavin in the afternoon..
i'm putting up at the university acco bro...vernon barnby. but private acco will definitely be cheaper.,,however do consider that they do not include internet and or minor of luck!!!!cheers!!

Thats nice.....I have not decided about the flight as I am still waiting for my visa and will be booking the tickets once I get the same.....Ya I agree, private accommodations may not include those facilities but they won't cost much and even after that it will be cheaper......
Where r u put up in Delhi ???