*__*Hi puys! I am sure most of us might have learned about the concept of “Bollycabulary”. If not here it is: This is about learning with Fun! :: :: One guy posts 3-5 words on each post of his/her, and puts the meaning in here, along with…

Hi puys!
I am sure most of us might have learned about the concept of "Bollycabulary". If not here it is:

This is about learning with Fun! One guy posts 3-5 words on each post of his/her, and puts the meaning in here, along with the funny mnemonic used to remember it..this is real fun! for e.g.

1) Bacchanalian: This means a drunkard

Visualize Mr.Bacchan drinking lots and lots and falling off here and there..

hence, "bacchanalian". Bacchan is such a "bacchanalian" :P

2) macarize: this means "give blessings to someone"

Ma ( ke aashirwaad ) se we rise!! Macarize!! :D

3) demur: to raise an objection, to delay or put off

way to remember: Jab class me teacher ne extra class lene ki baat ki, students ne murmur karna start kar diya, aur baccho ki "demur" shuru ho chuki


Objection! ( DEMUR ) my lord!!

4) attenuate: become weaker in strength

way to remember: at ten u ate..
if you eat only once at 10 pm, you will "attenuate"

5) quixotic: not sensible about practical matters; hypothetical

If you wish for something (Quick + exotic), it is highly quixotic

sentence: We get to hear so many quixotic news on India tv :P

6) cull: to reject

way: is kaam ko hum "kal (cull)" karenge, aur kal kal karte karte "cull" karenge :P

Hope this is fun and this thread breaks all the records! learning should be fun! 😃

some more:

7) mendacious: someone resorting to dishonest ways; untruthful

Men + audacious

Audacious men generally are mendacious.

chafe: anger produced by something irritating; warmth caused by friction

way: Chafe sounds like mein garam garam coffee milti hai, aur lovers ek dusre ka haath (chafe) rub karte hai :P..

9) copious: plentiful; abundant;large in quantity

way: copious sounds like copying?

bacche copy karke "copious" marks lene ki koshish karte hai.

copious also sounds like cops?

cops har jagah milte hai yaar! "copious" hai!

some more: hope mods don't 'demur' :D

10) rapprochement: the re-establishing of cordial relations

way: sounds like re-approachment?
fight karne ke baad do lovers re-approach karte hai (rapprochement)

rapprochement also sounds like rapport?
rapprochement involves fir se rapport badhaana

11) cauterize: to burn with a hot iron, sear or freeze by means of a caustic agent; to deaden or render senseless or insensitive

cauterize sounds like "caustic". caustic se burn hota hai.

The doctor caught the rise of the wound by cauterizing it.
( CAught ThE RISE )

hope puys would chip in and post some more of theirs. Let's have fun with vocab! :-)
time to use some imagination to make learning fun!

some more:

12) doggedness: persistence in efforts

kutte ki pooch tedhi ki tedhi hoti hai! it shows "doggedness" in keeping it tedhi :D

13) pandemonium: chaos, wild uproar, confused place

Poonam PANDE ne kaafi pandemonium machaaya pure desh mein :P

PANDEji ne MON vrat rakh diya, kyunki waha bohot PANDEMONIUM tha :P

14) despondent: hopeless

wo ladka zyada vodka pikar impotent ho gaya, aur ab woh DESPONDENT ho gaya :P

SPONDILITIS ki vajah se he is "despondent" about his life ahead

15) Bellwether: someone who assumed the role of a leader

way: I will BE with ALL in any WEATHER.

Anna hazare jaisa BELLWETHER UPA ki bell bajaata hai 😛

a very good thread but pls use engish to explain...

really a brilliant initiative I'll try to contribute as much as possible.

16) Jettison: the act of throwing goods overboard an aircraft or ship to steady or lighten it

The pilot had to jettison fuel in order to be able to make an emergency landing.

way: jetti + son -- The pilot had to throw off his 1000 kg son out of the plane to lighten it :D

17) crevice: a crack, fissure

way: creVICE -- to play the GTA VICE city game, we need to have "Crack" :P

1 fancier: an enthusiast or a person having a liking for something

He was a horse fancier and had the largest stud farm in the country.

way: simple!! fancier fansies something

19) incrustation: the forming of a crust covering or coating on the surface of an object; addition of enriching materials onto the surface of an object

in + crust + ation: something that is crusted

20) diabolical: outrageously cruel or wicked

DAI (mid-wife) BOLI at the time of the birth of the child, that the child will be very DIABOLICAL :D

In hindi Dian (witch)..Dian-Boli 😁

21) tyro: a person who begins to learn something, one who has little experience in something

tyro sounds like Try Karo
usage: he is a tyro journalist
Tyro must be encouraged by saying Try Karo

22) Ruminate: think deeply about something, ponder

Room mein NET nahi ho, toh we start ruminating about what to do to spend time :D

23) pugnacious: quarrelsome, combative

pugnacious sounds like PUNGA
someone who takes PANGA with everyone is pugnacious

24) furtive: secret

one who is FARTive has to do it "furtively":P :P

25) skulduggery: dishonest or dishonourable proceedings; deceitful act

way: someone digs someone's skull and sells it to a laboratory!! this is a deceitful act!!

sentence: Via the vatican bank, marcinkus had engaged in a vast amount of financial skulduggery.

I am really fan of this forum....

haha! no dude this is till now just an initiative..I'll be very pleased if you guys post in stuff over here by yourselves..

26) obdurate: unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn; unyielding.

dura = durability
anything which has durability is stubborn or obdurate

Cook's obdurate innings won the match for England ;(

27) paucity: smallness or scarcity of quantity

The inane chat room had a pitiful paucity of brain cells in it.

way: pau - paav as in paav bhaji and only one "paav" for the whole obviously it will be scarce

2 megalomania: a mental ailment characterised by delusions of wealth, power or greatness

It would probably be correct to arrive at the conclusion that most great men suffer from a sense of megalomania.

way: mega means big .. mania means craze.. for doing things... therefore MEGALOMANIA means a CRAZE for doing things in a BIG way with a show of wealth and power etc.

29) irascible:very irritable; short-tempered

The irascible Sales Manager gave a dressing down to his team for not achieving their monthly targets.

way: concentrate on rasc- a rascal is one who is irritable, shor-tempered & hotheaded

30) amorous: strongly disposed, attracted to or fond of love esp. making love

way: aam + ras; people are generally inclined towards aam (mango) ras (juice) in summers.

( you can also remember this by the "raseela aam" ad by Katrina Kaif for Slice..that makes you amorous towards her 😛 😛 😛 😁 😁 )

31) salubrious: favourable;healthy

remember apna SALLU BHAI !!!! (salman khan) ........all health and all.......dolle sholle six pack.

32) surfeit: An excessive amount of something


33) vignette: a small illustrative sketch; a brief literary description

way: Sounds like "vignesha". At the beginning of every pooja, we make a small "vignesh" idol with turmeric. Similarly, there is a "vignette" before every chapter.

34) vicarious: Felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another
sentence: As we watched the slide show, we had the vicarious sensation of having actually gone on the trip.

way: Vicky and ricky. Vicky made a goal and Ricky felt a vicarious thrill.

35) anchorite: one retired from society for religious reasons

way: MTV roadies ka anchor Rannvijay retire ho gaya aur saadhu baba ban gaya 😛

36) dwindle: become smaller, or lose substance

sounds like "wind dull". wind is dull when it is reduced gradually

37) quarantine: (v., noun) isolation to prevent the spread of infectious disease; isolated economically; place into enforced isolation, as for medical reasons

quara sounds like kunwara, kunwara person is always isolated during social functions :P

3 Martinet(noun)-
A strict disciplinarian or the one who stubbornly adheres to rules

MARTIN LUTHER king, was a strict martinet.

39) PRECOCIOUS:- characteristic of exceptionally early development or maturity (especially in mental aptitude)

Pre + conscious

conscious about something very early in age

40) COMPLAISANT :- disposed to please ; courteous ; obliging ;
compliant ; showing a cheerful willingness
to do favors for others
KEY :- Jab apni AUNTY ko PLEASE karna ho to we say, " COM(come)-

The woman was so complaisant that she was unable to deny a single request.

note there's a difference between complacent and complaisant

complacent: self-satisfied

Indian cricket team became complacent.

He listened to the story in a complaisant manner

41) CONSCIENTIOUS: characterized by extreme care and great effort

sentence: She took a conscientious decision to speak out about the injustice meted out to her friend.

way: focus on scientious part of this word...and relate it to scientist..they are careful while conducting new experiments.

42) inexorable: not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty

synonym: doggedness

inexhorable sounds likein-exhaust.. so a person who never gets exhausted by torturing people.

43) irrevocable: incapable of being retracted or revoked

not+REWORKABLE..that cannot be reworked

44) kinsfolk: people descended from a common ancestor

no mnemonic :O

45) venerable: profoundly honored

VANAR(monkeys in the Ramayana ) were ABLE to respect HANUMAN because he was the strongest of them all.


It has just been me who has been posting in here ;(..anyway I don't have any issues..people next year may find this thread helpful! From tomorrow, I'll do a "thesaurus" of every word and post here, so that we get acquainted with the synonyms :D..

I tried to be innovative but its not working out 😛 😛 Anyways keep up the good work...I'll put my creative brain cells to work too 😁

himani10 Says
I tried to be innovative but its not working out 😛 😛 Anyways keep up the good work...I'll put my creative brain cells to work too :D

haha no problem! one tip: you can type a word that's difficult and write mnemonic after that

e.g. preposterous mnemonic, you'll arrive at a website where people put in funny links to remember the meaning of the word

Michaelbarbossa....u r doing a gr8 job of helping othrlers...keep it up !!Hope many more people come forward...even I'll try now 4 sure..:-)

Vocab Tadka Lackey Malleable Sacrilegious

LACKEY- 1. servant (naukar in hindi); 2. person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage.
So one who makes LOCKEY ki sabji for you is your LACKEY..
or you can say, LACKEY ~ LOCK + KEY when you go out of your house you give LOCK and KEY of your house to LACKEY so that he can do his work without calling you.
2nd meaning : Lackey person lacks in lot of things so he/she always flatters, do boot licking to get lot of things.

MALLEABLE - Easily controlled or influenced.
Many women believe that they are CAPABLE of molding their MALE partners and hence they are MALLEABLE.
or we can say: considering the business strategy of selling things, MALLS take the advantage of MALLEABLE minds of children.

SACRILEGIOUS Violating something that is religious.
After destroying Buddhas idols at Bamiyan, Terrorists must have said- Akhir hum logo ne in SACred or RELIGIOUS statue ko tod hi diya.

Dictionary Meaning of these words:
1.(n)a male servant (especially a footman)
Type: noun.person
Synonym: flunkey, flunky,
2(n)a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
Type: noun.person
Synonym: ass-kisser, crawler, sycophant, toady,

1(s)easily influenced
Type: adj.all; Synonym: ductile,
2(s)capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out
Type: adj.all; Usage: they soaked the leather to made it pliable ; Synonym: ductile, pliable, pliant, tensile, tractile,

1(s)grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred
Type: adj.all; Usage: it is sacrilegious to enter with shoes on ; Synonym: blasphemous, profane,

Friends, Many a times we come across such ideas to remember words. If you have some similar tadka do share it.....:grin::grin: