BOB Spcialist Officer 2016-17

Specially for Planning officer  JMG/S-I 

how are we suppossed to study for professional knowledge paper? 

Guys Please provide topics of special subjest for study

anyone has idea about call latters.?

hi Guys,

Do u have any idea about syllabus for professional knowledge???

There is no information about syllabus for planning post I have searched everywhere .

Anyone with Economics Background here ?

Its been 20 days.. no result..

what will be BOB Planning officer cut off?

  • 90-100
  • 80-90
  • 100-110
  • 110-120

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Too much delay for result ..

I have a MBA (Financial services) degree i eligible for exams which reqired MBA in FINANCE...??

anyone fr electrical engineer?

Result declared any one clear ?

I have not received any msg or email regarding interview dates of planning scale 1.. CALL LETTER RELEASED OR NOT

I saw my roll in the list  ..but i have not received any information regarding interview by mail or message .. this list is official .??

Share your interview date and venue friends

mine @ 29/5 Bangalore zonal office

Any one Civil/Architecture here..?

friends please share interview exp those who appeared on 29/05

So done with the interview. Centre: Delhi, Batch 12. Pm. Background : Ma economics. Was asked to report at 12 but even till that point document verification for batch 1 was going on. Once they ascertained all from noon batch are present they have a blank page to write a para. This was done in place of gd. The choices given GST NPA Asking for a leave in Bank As there were 25 candidates per batch and interviews being in sequential order as attendance sheet I had to wait for 4 hours. The panel consisted of 4 ppl 3m+1f, in high likelihood 1 agm+1dgm+2 chief mgr. After enquiries on educational background and current work exp in a ITES firm they asked why you want to leave. Rest questions too were more to do with IT than economics like business intelligence and geo tagging. Overall decent interview. Will depend mainly on Written marks

Any idea about the planning results?