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give tips how to deal with descriptive ย test....

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ย cloze test

Directions: In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.
Given the state of ...(1)... life in our country today-where corruption, violence and intolerance are increasingly ...(2)... in day to day interactions-isn't it ...(3)... time that ...(4)... made a concerted effort to teach values? The very first ...(5)... from many is that values cannot be taught, they need to be ...(6).... Ideally, values must be taught by people who are ...(7)... to lead by example. Fortunately for us, Indian culture has ensured that good role ...(8)... can still be found ...(9)... our midst. We only need to ...(10)... in on them.
1) my
2) their
3) social
4) night
5) Public
1) sordid
2) practical
3) evident
4) theoretical
5) tense
1) long
2) high
3) quantum
4) quality
5) depressing
1) educationists
2) players
3) politicians
4) artists
5) government
1) suggestion
2) objection
3) proclamation
4) temptation
5) emotion
1) studied
2) tried
3) learned
4) imbibed
5) experienced
1) thrilling
2) willing
3) declaring
4) considering
5) trying
1) players
2) actors
3) models
4) reversal
5) leading
1) amongst
2) between
3) above
4) like
5) against
1) ten
2) bang
3) zero
4) hit
5) smarT
PS- answers will b provided after 1 hr :)ย 

Can someone please help out with the question paper pattern?

how many months Current affairs need to study for BOB

As some people have query about the pattern of paper.. So here it isโ˜บ


is there anyone who had ever applied for bank exams in visual disability category...

do those candidates who dont use scribe neither magnifying font will also get 20 minutes compensatory time..

plz share if anyone has information..ย 

From where does one study general awareness related to banking exams? Is there a proper source?

Do you guys have a discussion groups of BOB at whatsapp too? If there please do let me know.

Also, is there negative markings in BOB??

Hi guys current affairs and banking awareness are different??

please clear my doubt regarding non creamy layer certificate date. whether the certificate issued after 1 may is valid or not?

Exam date kya hn??

ย Thnx ย in advance. ..... year paper share do. ...????

Which test series is best for bob mock?? Do rply!! N plzz try to help each other and try to answer each others query.. If u dont do that then dere is no means of making group n adding ppl!! So help each other n response genuinely:) Thank you

Koiย please English me achaa score krne ke liye tips de do pls. Thanks in advance ย .

Exam will surely be on 27 or any change in date

Kaise bnate hai yeh puzzles. .....Memory Based Puzzle asked in IDBI PO

Seven different boxes L, M, N, O, P, Q and R of different colours viz., Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Orange are arranged one above the other. The box at the bottom of arrangement is numbered 1, the above box is numbered 2 and so on. M is immediately above P. More than two boxes are above the Green box. The Yellow box is immediately below L. Only one box isbetween the Green box and Q. R is immediately above the Pink box. Only one box is between M and the Red box. Only two boxes are between the Red and the Orange box. Only two boxes are between the Yellow box and the Green box. The blue box is neither at the top nor at the bottom of the arrangement. M is above Red box. N is immediately above Q. Neither N nor R is a Yellow box. R is not a Green box.

Guys Bob descriptive m choice hoti h Kya ???