BIM Trichy Admissions Results out!

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Hi folks, the list of people selected for BIM's MBA along with the list of waitlisted candidates can be found here -

I've made it, but since I've already been selected for XIM, Bhubaneshwar(and hoping to get into SP Jain), I'll be withdrawing from BIM.

Good luck to everyone!

congrats satya.... but i guess this was to be expected after the real cool interview that u had.....anywas...all the best for spj.....


Congratulations my man ! You have showed that you don't have much trouble converting your calls ! Way to go mate and my BEST wishes on the wait to get into SPJ !!

Great work sathya and wish you that SPJ final call too.


hey guyz
me has made it too :)

congrats to both of u.....

Way to Go Bingo !! Now all you gotta wait for is MDI. Best of luck on that.


HI ppl,
I am second on the waiting list. Well, inspite of this, i'm not very keen on joining even if I get thru and am thinking of having a shot at CAT-03. Btw I'm a fresher ( age 23) as of now and am looking for a job fast so that I'll have some work-ex for next time. What is ur opinion, ppl? Am i doing right or should I get into BIM?

Sandy A.

Congrats on getting selected Bingo! And thanks a lot for your wishes PG, ankita and urmad!

Sandeep, u'll definitely get through with waiting list #2! However, I personally feel that you have the age and time in your hands to give a shot at CAT and XAT 03. Good luck buddy!


Thanx a lot Sathya, and wish u the all the BEST for the SPJ result. Do let me know....

Sandy A.

Congratulations to all who have made it !!!

Welcome aboard !!!

This batch would be the 25th batch of BIM and would henceforth be known as BIM25. Before the formal induction of every batch we create a yahoo group. The naming convention is [email protected], where XX denotes the batch number. For your batch the group has been created. To join this group click the link below,

bim25 : BIM Batch 25

BIM, traditionally releases the admission list 3 months before the date of induction. The is to facilitate smooth separation for work-ex candidates from their companies, as most of the companies demand 3 months notice. This is the reason behind BIM releasing its admission list very soon after the GD/PI process (There was a query in this asking why BIM releases its admission list very soon. I hope this answers it.).

BIM has a tie up with Indian Bank for educational loans. Bank officials would be available on campus during induction and would complete the formalities. The loan comes to you automatically because your BIM offer letter is the collateral. Hence, you need not do anything from your side for the loan.

Once a candidate deposits the initial amount specified in the offer, his admission is confirmed. This amount would be reimbursed by the bank once the loan is sanctioned. Once list is confirmed, informal meetings are scheduled at major cities in India to facilitate interaction with the previous batches. We would also be meeting shortly.

Have a good day !!!

Hi All,

Start posting your profiles in this thread. Let's get to know better.

My admission status is waitlist 305. What are my chances of getting through?

my waitlist number is mbc wl 09. what is my chance of converting?