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Get the Best TAT Stories, WAT prcatice for SSB. Join the discussion to practice TAT stories, WAT sentences, SRT, Self Description and Group Planning Exercise for the Services Selection Board Interviews (SSB Interviews). CDS 2 2018, CDS 1 2019, AFCAT 2019

Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview:

10) Whenever Mr X comes back home late at night, his father scolds him. Mr


 Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview: 

9)You are traveling from Delhi to Madras. On the way you discover that you

have lost your ticket as well as your purse. What would you do ?

Situation Reaction Test  for SSB Interview: 

8) You are awakened in the mid of night by the shrieks of women. You get up

and come out of your house. Then you see three people coming out of the house of your neighbour and running away. You know your neighbour is away on tour. What would you do ?

 Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview: 

7)While returning from the second night, show of cinema on your scooter. You

find a person lying in the middle of the road. What would you do ?

Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview:

6) Your ten years old sister, who normally returns from her school by 5 P.M. has not come back, it is past 6 P.M. What would you do ?.

Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview: 

5) You have received a telegram to appear for a job interview after four days in a

big city, which is 1,500 kilometers away from your town. You do not know any body in that city. What would you do ?

Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview 

4) You have attained good grading in your Higher Secondary Examination. You

want to study further but your parents are not in a position to educate you, what would you do ?

Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview 

3) A friend of yours is married and has two school going children. He lost his job about a month back. You would :

Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview  

2) While changing train on your way to attend SSB interview, your suitcase

containing all certificates papers, money and ticket got stolen. What would you do ?

Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview  

1) The tractor dashed against a fast moving truck and the drivers were thrown off into ditches. He was just away from it. He.............


Evaluation of Situation Reaction Test (SRT)

The Situation Reaction Test (SRT) is one of the tests administered during the Psychology Test conducted on the second day of the five day selection process.

In this test, candidates are expected to give out spontaneous and instinctive responses to certain stressful, unfamiliar and real to life situations.

A total of 60 situations are required to be addressed in 30 minutes, i.e. 30 seconds per situation.

These are ‘real to life’ situations, which you may encounter in your day to day life, are given in a Booklet, in the form of statements which you have to complete by giving appropriate reactions.Due to a constraint of time, you will generally give a response, which would be close to your actual reaction, while facing similar situation in real life.

The following aspects must be borne in mind while attempting the SRT:

Give your response to a situation in a methodical / step wise manner, which is brief, but complete in all aspects; e.g. if you see a road side accident, you must start by giving first aid (if available), followed by organizing transport to take injured person to hospital, then inform police authorities and lastly inform the next of kin of the injured person.

Be realistic, and do not show illogical bravado or foolhardiness in your responses; e.g. fight alone with a number of hoodlums while returning from a late night movie show with your girl friend, or jump into a river to save someone, when you are told in the situation that you are a non swimmer.However, if your honour is at stake, then you can even sacrifice your life to protect it; e.g. if the hoodlums tell you that we will not harm you, if leave your girl friend behind and walk away.

Do not show wishful behavior, by presupposing things to make your problem easier; e.g. should not imagine that police will come out of the ‘blue’ and apprehend the hoodlums.

Do not demonstrate panic in your behavior by writing phrases like, shout for help, cried out for assistance, etc. You must show presence of mind and utilize various recourses available at your disposal to their fullest potential while giving out your reaction. Besides, it shall also show your general awareness and resourcefulness.

While giving your responses, you must never forget your moral responsibilities towards the society and show empathy in your responses while dealing with the ‘feelings of others’. Most important is that you need to actually mould your thought process closest to what you portray in your responses. 

Because, somewhere or the other in your responses in SRT/TAT/WAT/SD, your true personality traits will be visible to the assessor and naturally, it will not match with the “prepared” responses given by you.

In these responses the action is executed and completed. These are considered to be the best responses, and reflect the qualities of a candidate, who is self sufficient, self-reliant and a “doer”. For example, “he jumped into the river and saved the boy”; “She along with other students controlled the fire by using fire fighting equipment available in the college”.Make sure that all intermediary actions are written and the outcome is completed, e.g. called fire brigade, mobilised help, used local resources to contain fire, assisted in evacuation of victims and finally controlled the fire effectively.

In such responses, the candidate plans, but shows a doubt with respect to the execution/completion of the task; e.g. he will try to catch the thief; such responses reflect lack of determination, inept self confidence and all those specific qualities to which the situation is related.

Responses that shows that the candidate lives in a fantasy world and in which the candidate often jumps to conclusions; e.g. He participated in Olympics and got a gold medal. It might show lack of self awareness or a defence mechanism of the candidate to glorify a quality that is deficient with him/her.

This happens due to high level of stress on the candidate, presented by the   situation. Such responses by the candidate are interpreted by the psychologist as, from a highly stress prone candidate or that the candidate is unable to grasp the situation correctly or his speed of thinking process is slow, etc.

Invariably, a candidate will leave blanks, as he is unable to handle that particular emotion appropriately and is incapable to responding to it. Hence, that particular personality trait or quality would be found deficient with that candidate.

Finally, your responses will be assessed against the information given by you in your PIQ Form and will be cross checked during the Board Conference with your projected behaviour in GTO and Interview technique.Since, you are required to give your responses in the form of “thoughts, feelings and actions” and is given against the constraint of time you will not be able to “fabricate a response” and hence, your true self will be clearly visible through your responses.Therefore, I would advice all aspirants to always do a ‘timed practice’ and be ‘true’ to you while practicing for SRTs.Later, analyse your responses and identify the areas of your personality that you need to calibrate and bring it into the zone desired at the SSB. 

(Source- Col. DJS Chahal's blog on Olivgreens)

He has been served with a challenge by the college bully because he had

reported against him to the Principal when the latter was trying to beat up his friend. He………

Sample PIQ form for SSB

Can we post each day a picture,word and discuss about that and comment on the individual responses on how to improve it. That would be a great help for people who have less idea of SSB and even for people who have given SSB they can share their valuable responses

Group Planning Exercise: Sample Exercise 1 


You are a group of 8 students coming from a friends farm house, going to visit the Arnala Fort in Pen District on a jeep. You have to return for a camp fire at 7:30PM. You were having tea at the Dhaba when you saw a car coming which slowed down in front of Dhaba. You noticed a man being thrown out of the car and the car went ahead. Being curious, you all went to the man and found him seriously injured with head bleeding profusely. On being helped, he told you that he was the Chief Engineer of the Panipur Dam returning from his Headquarters at Pen after a conference. He said that two armed persons after high jacking his car took away the confidential design plan of the dam and pushed him out of the car. He had heard them talking that they would sell the plan to two foreigners at some Fort at 6:00 PM.  He also told you that he had the key of the control system of the dam in his pocket and the flow was to be regulated latest by 4:30 PM else it may cause flood. He fainted thereafter. Just then you saw few tourists walking to you. They told you that they were coming from Basti and their van had broken down near by. Since there was no means of communication there, they could not get help from anywhere and they were to reach Sanu by 5:00PM to see a special the cultural program.  A truck driver relaxing at the Dhaba told you that he had seen the car turn towards the kutcha track. 

Time now is 4:00 PM what actions will you take as young and responsible citizens? 


Statuatory Warning: They will never Recommend you in SSB if you are doing this!!!

The SSB Interviews are a test of your Personality. Your behavioural pattern during your stay at the SSB portrays you, the real you. Dosen't matter how hard you try to imitate the perfect figure, they will catch you.

Do not copy the responses available on any of the exercises in this group. 

You will find a lot of websites with TAT, WAT, SRT, SD sample responses. Do not copy them as the responses will never match your behavioural pattern. 

Every individual is unique and so will be their responses. 

No response is right or wrong. You must remember that the responses given by you in different SSB psychological tests will be assessed against the information given by you in your PIQ Form, which will further be cross checked during the Board Conference with your projected behaviour in GTO and Interview technique. 

Since, you are required to give your responses in the form of “thoughts, feelings and actions” and you are made to give your responses against the constraint of time, you will not be able to “fabricate responses” and hence, your true self will get clearly revealed. 

I am very well convinced that 'Self-introspection' and Practice will earn you the Uniform you desire for. Friends, lets make the best use of this group and earn the badge. 

And let's answer in positive when they ask, Do you have it in you?

Jai Hind. 

TAT Image for SSB

Why do you want to join the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, defence forces?

This question often asked during your SSB regarding, “why do you want to join the Defence Forces?” is a means to assess your motivation for joining the forces, because the assessors are very averse to just “job seekers”, who otherwise have no passion to join the forces.Naturally, the answer to this question should come from the innermost recesses of your heart. Please do not ask others' opinion on it otherwise it will lack spontaneity and appear to be a coached response.
Since this is a likely question that you may be asked it will prudent for you to prepare an answer before going that sounds authentic. Therefore, to look for the answer you must ‘search your heart’ and also ‘surf the internet’ to know what is the “work content” in the field that you are joining. Do not give a vague answer like “I want to serve the nation", as you can serve the nation by being a doctor, lawyer, engineer or for that matter even a " Safaiwala" also.
Saying that you want to “die for the nation" is a highly pessimistic, I would say, almost a suicidal thought process. Forces do not spend money and effort for your training so that you die for your nation, but to ensure that "you make the enemy die for his nation".
Again to say that you want to join the forces to “fight or finish terrorism “, is a loud, bookish, childish and a ' filmy' statement.Another response that I saw was that” I want to earn a Param Vir Chakra”, this response will depict a highly self oriented, reward seeking personality. A soldier never “aim” for PVC, but it is the ”consequence” or a by-product of your onerous deeds that is recognised by the nation.Please always measure your words before commenting.

A sample answer could be “Sir, I am a sportsperson and I would like to lead an active life, rather than being desk borne. I always like to travel and see new places and meet new people. Armed forces give amply opportunities to pursue sports and adventure activities. (For a technical candidate, it could be the opportunities to learn and expand knowledge in that field). Further sir, I feel charmed by the glamour of the uniform and deeply respect the disciplined lifestyle attached with the uniform. It is perhaps one of the most dignified ways to lead the life and serve the nation with utmost pride and honour. Armed forces provides a very secure environment and is a very closely knit family which offers abundant support system from the organisation and lastly the pay, perks and the status attached with serving in the defence forces is immeasurable. 

Finally sir, I firmly believe that "Armed Forces, is not a Job, but it is a Way of Life", and I wish to integrate with it".However, when I hear some of the reasons about why you want to join the forces, it makes me wonder how many of you are living ‘this’ dream like “Alice in Wonderland”.The real life in the forces is not a piece of cake. While it is fun to fantasize sitting in a comfortable room on fb, to earn PVC and use jazzy words to describe your desire to wear the uniform, you must have a reality check of whether you are willing to live up to the stakes of this very hard, sometimes torturous and murky life. 

The reason why I am saying this is because a lot of cadets run away from the academy during training itself and a large number serve the forces grudgingly.

I must caution you before reality hits you in the face.......when you have to march without cribbing on empty stomach for days and live off the land in counter insurgency operations, when the physical absence of your dear ones for months will ache your heart, when the unjustified kick on your butt from a senior will make you feel belittled, when sometimes eating rotten rations sitting on a post in the middle of nowhere (gets winter stocked) will make you sick, when jungle bashing for days together will make your entire body infested with cattle fleas, when to see a glowing bulb and water flowing from a tap will become a luxury, when you will have to sit in an ambushes or participate in long exercises in freezing winters give your fingers frost bites, when night patrolling on treacherous hill tracks without light will send you tumbling down a steep gorge, when you get injured and find no one to “mother” you, will you will feel weak within but will have to put up a bold front in front of your troops, when “professional commitment” will take precedence over the most important social function in your family............the list of rigours of defence life is will wonder what made you chose this profession.........unless “you had it in you”!!!!

Post Credits- Col D J S. Chahal, Olive Greens Institute, Chandigarh

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