Best Schools in Gurgaon

We all face challange in finding the best school for our kids these days where our kids can be nurtured and stay safe..! They can not only learn but also get groomed to face challanges of life. This groups aims to get best ideas about the schools in Gurgaon.

Hi All,

We all sought the best of schools for our kids to get admission. We  look what all amenities the school provide. 

Just a quick question to everyone. School spend huge amount on Annual Function every year. They hire professionals to train kids to perform. Choose new and unique themes and call celebrities. Is that necessary for grooming kids further? Is annual function important and do kids learn from new ideas from 

the different themes that get implemented every year?? Which school's annual

 function has captured your attention and made you think that yes this theme has actually made my kid learn and why?