BEL Probationary Engineers 2014 Exam

Discuss here. and all the best for exam.

Discuss here. and all the best for exam.

Anyone from Mechanical here ?? 

Guys admit card is available to download. exam date is 6 july.

Deputy engr electrcl fr navi mumbai unt fr whch i hve gt an admt card.. Tatz a permnt post ryt

??wat will b the pattern fr wrttn test??

pattern for BEL PE 2014 exam???

ece ke liye cut off kitna gya tha 2012 mein....kuch idea hai kya??


hi i m from computer science plz tell me how to prepare for bel exam and plz tell me which type of ques asked in bel

plz tell me which subject is more important for bel

plz tell me which book is best for preparing bel

Anyone from ECE??

Explain pls

The by-pass factor of single coil in an air-conditioner is 0.7. The by-pass factor, if three such cooling coils with the same appartus dew point are kept one behind the other will be
(a) 0.210
(b) 0.292
(c) 0.343 
(d) 0.412

hi friends, anybody written bel exam in 2012? I did attend that exam but i forgot the pattern and it was tough for me, so i did not qualify in that exam. Anybody pls share info regarding cut off of 2012 for mechanical stream and i remember that few questions hav come from mathematics in 2012 probationary engineers, (mechanical) exam and many questions in technical part with problems. .pls share info friendsssssssssssssss

In the present scenario of this competitive world , most of the competitive exams are with negative marking . 

Some consider it a boon while most consider as bane.

Observing the trend in competitive exam negative marking usually kept is 1/3 rd . A common question that arises is - why is the figure of 1/3 rd kept ? Why not 1/2 or 1/4??
Well, the strategy behind is to exclude the person who is giving exam for just the heck of giving . Take an example: in a paper of 100 questions with 1 mark for correct answer and 1/3 rd negative marking . If a student only marks option 'a' for all questions ; there may be around 25 questions with 'a' option as correct answer and this will give him/her 25 marks ; but rest 75 questions because of 1/3 rd negative marking will award him 25 penalty marks ; making the net difference of 0 marks.Conclusion that can be drawn from the analysis is that the student who is giving exam just for fun will be automatically out of the race ruling out the possibility of chance factor. This is in turn advantageous for the student who sweat their blood in preparation. Negative marking reduces the chance factor and discourage the students from blind guessing. It should not scare students who are serious towards their goals as negative marking eliminates room for flukes and better assessment of talent and knowledge is done .

IPR amit cards are available now

Good luck to all the BEL aspirants for the exam.

all the best to all my friends for bel exam

Guys how was  the exam share exp. With branch???


Electronics guys how was the paper??plzshare ur exp..paper was tough..