BEL Experienced recruitment

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Hi guys.. what is the expected date of written trest?

Seems very few people are applying for this post. How many do you know to have applied. I know none :)

How to prepare for written test?

I am from computer science background.!!

Guys, any guesses for the date of written exam??

Hello.. anybody got confiramtaion mail from BEL that our application has been accepted?

SOme of my freinds were telling they got mail from BEL but I have not received yet..!!

Any updates to anyone?

Haven't received any mail yet...  :(

Guys do u think BEL will shortlist candidates for test based on the quality of our experience? Will v get a chance to write the test at least?

Hello guys,

Any news about PDIC Exam?

Till now NO mail...

NO updation in BEL website!!!

and confused HOW to prepare and what kind of question s we can expect!!!

Anybody got any clue watsoever

Any news abouut exam?!!

Still in the dark :-(

Exam is on 16 November..

ReceiveD mail just 

wats the title of the mail?

no mail till now....Anybody else got it

Got any. Mail?

the list is out. If u didnt recieve the mail then it appears they didnt shortlist

Where can we find old question paper for this exam. Please suggest...