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Education is not just the word inside Galgotias University. Here, it €™s a whole bunch of experience, more than class room studies, every week there are so many things in store for the Galgotians like Debate, discussion, Common classes, presentati…

Education is not just the word inside Galgotias University. Here, it €™s a whole bunch of experience, more than class room studies, every week there are so many things in store for the Galgotians like Debate, discussion, Common classes, presentation, and workshops.
@kantibanerjee said:
Education is not just the word inside Galgotias University. Here, it €™s a whole bunch of experience, more than class room studies, every week there are so many things in store for the Galgotians like Debate, discussion, Common classes, presentation, and workshops.
any one from Galgotias Educational Institutions?
A day with AN Industry Expert at Galgotias University
The last week before the study break for fall semester exams was the eventful for the students of Galgotias School of business, there were 8 companies that stopped over our campus for the placement of Final year MBA Students, juniors were engaged with Industry Experts and Business fest throughout the week.
Mrs. Rita Laurel from the United States was our guest during the week; the last day of that week was very special for us when she shared her 27 years Industry experience in US with all the students of BBA and MBA. It was a treat to listen to her and the meeting turned into an immediate success when the audience started chipping in spontaneously. We found a great teacher inside her who can connect immediately with anyone. Her motherly figure was so influential that the cross cultural difference mitigated immediately.
She talked about the role of Modern day managers with a global perspective, their cross functional role and responsibilities and her personal insights to how to be a good manager. We came to know about the huge scope of IT and Business analytics in today €™s scenario. She talked about certain attributes that one should possess being a Management student like Multi-tasking, Hardworking, Positive attitude and most off all broader mind that can grasp all the good things around. Mrs. Laurel shared her experience with Hewitt and Packard as an Organizational manager where she solved various managerial problems and shared the tricks and tips behind the solution of those problems. We also came to know how she managed more than 300 people who were working under her and how she connected with them both professionally and personally to yield a better output as a whole team.
Our respected Pro Vice chancellor Mr.Balaji was also present there encouraging the students along with Mrs. Swati priya madam from Business communication department. The hour passed in no time when she concluded that learning should be the first priority than any other thing after entering in corporate world.
We, the students felt exalted when she said €œI found the students Bright, engazing and enthusiastic as a listener and quick learner €?. In my part it was a wonderful experience in such a time when I am on the threshold of entering into the corporate world from my 22 years of apprentice life.

Kanti nath Banerjee
Placement Coordinator
Galgotias University
@kantibanerjee hello...i am doing MBA from Galgotias university batch 12-14

Awesome Three days for all the annual fest G-Quasar ended with full on Masti.

First day it was..Actor Rahul Bose for opening of the event
Followed by Neil Nitin Mukesh and actress Sonal Chauhan in the evening.
2nd day was more fabulous for us as Bombay rockers rocks the stage here and every one was mesmerized of their performance.
3rd day was even more FANTASTIC as Vshal & Shekha with Shruti Pathak were on the high for the galgotians...
overall complete & full too masti for all the students here for 3 days...these three days were really awesome..

here is the link for some photographs clicked ...

here is the link for the live photographs...

Active learning at GU. classes of HRM, PDP and T&P; development are on the same track what GU-MBA has set for the entire program. Prof Vinay Khanna (Industry exp of 25 years) is delivering the best learning objects to the students of SOB here. he has set up a most suitable environment for the students, for their better learning.

here are few pics you of the same classes...

the results for the first semester has been feels great pleasure to see everyone's curiosity to see it..............

AN INTRODUCTION TO INDUSTRY INFRASTRUCTURE ...........IBM course for GALGOTIAS MBA students gives us a wide way to understand how the data is analyzed in industries for various future well as helps us in developing a creative mind to understand the various software like Cog nos 8 & SPSS use for converting the wide data into information......a new way of thinking......proud to b a Galgotians

Galgotians.. hehe funny name

Yupppp...having an analytical knowledge will give us an added benefit to improve our informed decision making capability. I personally very much curious about this course introduced by GUMBA & looking forward to gain the benefits. :)

after 1 week holi holidays.......the college is reopening from tomorrow........its interesting to see the smiles on the faces of children to come back again with lots of things to gossip & enjoy.......

Dr. Arjun Malhotra
on TUESDAY April 2, 2013
is going to visit GALGOTIAS UNIVERSITY to deliver an interactive session with SCHOOL OF BUSINESS(SOB) students on "Entrepreneurship and Potential of on going growth of IT & other services"

Bio of Dr. Arjun Malhotra

Dr.Arjun is recognized as India's new age business leader and champion
of higher education. He along with Shiv Nader launched HCL from
Arjun's "Barasati" equivalent to Silicon's Valley garage. HCL today
has annual revenues of more than $6 Billion and has 86,000 employees

Dr. Arjun is among the few entrepreneurs who is a double hitter. He
launched another company in late 1990s with $20M funding from Goldman
Sachs which he sold to Genpact for $500M in 2011.

Dr. Malhotra is a Member of the Board of Governors, IIT (Kharagpur)
Foundation, Member of the Board of Governors of the Indian School of
Business, Hyderabad, Member of the Board of Governors of Rajiv Gandhi
Indian Institute of Management, Shillong and IIM Udaipur. He founded
the Prof. G.S. Sanyal School of Telecommunications at IIT Kharagpur
through a personal endowment. In €œrecognition of his outstanding
contribution and services to the Institute €?, Dr. Malhotra was declared
Life Fellow of IIT Kharagpur in February 2003 and was awarded the
Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) in September 2012.


Today GALGOTIAS UNIVERSITY had the pride to listen to one of the most fascinating success story of the big IT giant HCL from one of its founder Dr. Arjun Malhotra......he interacted with students of "school of business" to tell them how they can b a successful entrepreneur and told us some of his toughest time while building the company HCL.

Today GALGOTIAS UNIVERSITY MBA"business analytic" students had a great day with Mr.Shanker from IBM Bangalore to train us on the software we get to know that how the statistical techniques like measure of central tendencies,dispersion can be utilized in business world problems........looking forward for tomorrow to have more interacting sessions to use the software efficiently......

today was the last day of training of SPSS software by IBM representative Mr.SHANKER who make us familiar with the use of software to tackle business problems as well us teach the various important uses of hypothesis testing,data creation and editing in SPSS, the transformation and merging of 2 data sets & a lot more things.really software makes your life so easy to work but for managers what is really tough is how you interpret the result got from the software....thank you GALGOTIAS.........looking forward for more guest lectures.....

Being an MBA student at galgotias university is something that we can be proud of. some of our student of Batch 12-14 are learning how to develop a new venture under the core curriculum program " New Venture Development". Dr Abhishek Raizada is taking care of this core curriculum activity. he has an awesome experience of developing 4 successful ventures under his vigilance.

It is proud to say that 3 Group of students has already developed their business plan & more importantly they are going to start their venture once they will be out of their MBA course👍 . hope for the best to those groups & hope for more successful Entrepreneur that Galgotias University would produce. 😁

A new way of learning has been encouraged among the students of “school of business” GALGOTIAS UNIVERSITY………where the students are more conscious about the awareness of some of the current issues like IT,CHANGE IN TECHNOLOGY & also the social issues such as how to control your anger. business environment, pollution, climate changes. Etc

In this respect the students are now starting a campaign to make people aware by giving presentations on different topics and let them think how a small step taken by them can change the scenario all around………….