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for concept clearing and to learn short trick approaches

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 poonam, Shilpa and Deepika are three sisters. Poonam and Shilpa are twins. The sum of the ages of Poonam and Shilpa is same as that of Deepika alone. Three years earlier the ratio of ages of Poonam and Deepika was 2 : 7. What will be the age of Shilpa 3 years hence? options 21 16 8 12

 A bus travels 50% swifter than a car. Both start from point P at the same time and reach point Q, which is 330 km away from P. On the way, however, the bus lost about 88 minutes while stopping at the stops. The speed of the bus is: 

options 75kmph 112.5 kmph 100kmph

A big jar of cocktail at a party contains a mixture of Whisky and Vodka in the ratio 3 : 2. A few guests complained that the drink was too strong for them to sip. The bartender then drew off 5 litres of cocktail and refilled the jar with Vodka. The new ratio of Whisky and Vodka thus becomes 3 : 5. How many litres of Whisky was there in the jar initially? 

 During an election, 8% of the voters didn't bring their Voter IDs to the polling booth and thus were declared ineligible. Out of those that could cast their votes, 80% went in favour of the Bhartiya Jansatta Party. If 14720 eligible voters cast their votes to other party candidates, how many voters actually turn up to polling booth? options 35000 45000 38000 80000

 A man before his death writes his will. In it, he mentions that three-fifth of his wealth to be given to his Son-in-law and daughter. The ratio of amount to be given to the daughter and the son-in-law must be 4 : 1 respectively. Half the amount that his daughter is getting must be donated to his favourite NGO. One fourth of the remaining amount, he entitles his wife to receive and the rest which amounts to Rs. 16800, he wants to be burried along his grave. What amount he donated to the NGO mentioned in the question?  options 25200 28200 33600 36800 NOT


options 1)128938






@vishiac Can u tell me how can i identify in a problem whether ratio method can be applied to get t result?

  A and B Complete work in 22.5 days. B takes 24 hours more than A. how much time will A take to complete the work alone.

please solve using LCM approach

 6/13 of boys and 6/7 of girls are appear for exam in the total of 120. Total 56 girls are there and what is the difference between girls and boys appear?? 

 If A and B do a work in 40/3 ,if B takes 6 hours less than A,then B alone complete a work in how many days?

please solve by LCM approach

 A man get 30 percent discount on a product. He sell it for rs5684 and gets a profit of 40%. What is the mp of the product ?

 48 kg of mixture having milk and water in the ratio of 3:1 . Then how much water must be added in a mixture so that ratio become 9:5 ?