bba admission in symbiosis college pune

bba admission in symbiosis college pune 2020

Eligibility Criteria for Symbiosis SCMS Pune BBA Admission 2020

 bba admission in symbiosis college pune 2020

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Admission in symbiosis college

Thinking about getting a career which boosts your skills and get u a global exposure then BBA is for you BBA gives you a opportunity to learn Business and managerial from which one start his own business or can be a manager as well since Symbiosis college is ranked as one of the top most college getting a seat is not a easy task on needs to take up symbiosis entrance and score really well in that some students will not be able to score due to various reasons .we will assist and guide those students in getting Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA program for 2020 .

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Symbiosis international university Direct Admission

Symbiosis is an ultimate destination for students where they will find new routes to fulfill their dreams. It is one of the top management colleges with best facilities in Pune, and the programs offered for bachelor and postgraduate degrees are designed to introduce students to the basics of business and communication.

The entrepreneurship program has been designed to ignite creativity in students and encourage their resolving skills to pursue their own ideas.

Students are prepared for successful careers in management, finance and communication and are able to pursue extracurricular activities. Symbiosis is committed to train budding business leaders and aspiring media professionals.

Corporate BBA: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

The Corporate BBA program in partnership with reputed professional bodies offers 3 years degree qualification that not only enables students to attain a professional edge but also assists management graduates in implementing their skills to the needs of business.

Dual Qualification: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

Practical Finance

Practical Marketing

Practical HR

Family Managed Business


Event Management

Career opportunities

Some of the esteemed job profiles you can attain after a successful completion of BBA are:

(Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

Finance Manager

Business Administration Researcher

Human Resource Manager

Research and Development Manager

Business Consultant

Information Systems Manager

Marketing Manager

Some of the polished areas where a BBA graduate can look for employment are:

(Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)


Marketing Organizations

Educational Institutes

Business Consultancies

Multinational Companies

Financial Organizations

Export Companies

After a BBA, students can opt for various courses for further studies such as – an MBA, MCA (Masters in Computer Application), PGDM (a degree course in management), Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Banking and Finance. Other unrelated subjects of study such as Fashion, Information Technology, Operations, and Merchandising are gaining steam. A BBA prepares you for business management and administration – thereby helping you to choose from a variety of subjects and fields of specialization.

Management quota BBA admission in Symbiosis:

(Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program for 2020)

Center for Management Studies, famously known as Symbiosis, establishment has reliably been positioned among top BBA Colleges in Pune. Confirmation in BBA depends on determination process comprising of Entrance Test, Presentation, Group Discussion, and Personal Interview. Studies additionally need to show up for a small-scale introduction round, a mass talk and individual meet. Confirmation for MBA in Symbiosis international university Pune depends on the execution of undergraduate studies in the choice procedure and scholastic records. Basically the selection rounds are difficult we will help students to get direct admission under management quota for 2020 session.

Highlights of Symbiosis college:

Industrial visits: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program for 2020)

Center for Management Studies (Symbiosis) believes in imparting quality and industry-relevant education to its students. As a part of outbound learning experience, students are taken out on Industrial visits local, national and international.

Toyota Kirloskar, Bidadi Plant:  (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program for 2020)

The Industrial visit to the Toyota Kirloskar, Bidadi plant was very beneficial for the students who gained knowledge about Japanese automotive manufacturing system, Plant Layout, HR policies etc. Students learnt about the supply-chain practice which is also known as the PUSH-PULL strategy. The most important part of the visit was the time management factor that appeared to be highly inspiring for students.

Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited, Pune (KSDL)

(Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program for 2020)

Students on the industrial visit to Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited, Pune (KSDL) learnt about the inception of the industry, step-by-step process of making soap and detergent and their uniqueness in the end of producing soaps and detergents. The students got to know about the brand concept of KSDL. It was a great learning experience for all students as they visited through various departments. Furthermore, the students got a chance to interact with the senior employees of the company and they were able to get their doubts cleared.

Industries visited: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

Britannia, avonplast, Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited, Pune (KSDL) and featherlite

Media Laboratory: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

Symbiosis college provides comprehensive computer-based services in the IT Center with high speed internet access including Wi-Fi, connectivity. The classrooms and laboratories also consist of computers, with a wide range of specialist applications to support study programs.

Radio Station: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

Radio Active 90.4 FM is an established CSR unit of Symbiosis international university at Symbiosis. The station works round the clock, addressing the social concerns and topical issues. It serves as the voice of those marginalized by society and is associated with major NGOs. The Station also serves as training for the media students at Symbiosis.

Studio: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

The media studio at Symbiosis is a space for training, production and screening of students’ creations. It also acts as a mini theatre where movies are screened regularly as part of making and analyzing training. The studio is equipped with The editing suite is state-of-the-art and all electronic interfaces are industry specific. The studio is air-conditioned and virtually sound proof.

Music room: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

Equipped with a wide array of instruments, Symbiosis Band convincingly ends place in every heart through their performances.

The Music room is where the band practices their daily activities.

Community Halls: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

Music and Dance are an intrinsic part of the cultural life at Symbiosis. With music groups and young talented choreographers,

Cultural initiatives enliven the spirit of Symbiosis community.

Conclusion: (Symbiosis college Direct Admission in Corporate BBA Program For 2020)

I can hereby conclude that Symbiosis college provides good academics, Extracurricular and placements programs which help the candidates in overall development for more information regarding the admission enquire us on

Passed XII or equivalent course in any discipline from any recognized Board / Council / University with minimum 50% marks for general (open) category and 45% marks for students of SC and ST category.

Qualifying the Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET), Personal interview & Writing Ability Test of our centre. Indian students will be admitted on the basis of the merit list drawn out of the results of the selection process through SET and PIWAT (SET score 50% and PIWAT 50%)

Placements : The placements of current batch are yet to be decided, but previous batch got 80% placements. The highest package offers was 8 LPA and the lowest was 5 LPA. The average package was around 6-7 lakhs per annum. The companies like KPMG, P&G, Amazon etc. Those companies sat for the placement process conducted by the college and were all looking for the students who could fit in the managerial roles that they have to offer. 100% of the students got the internship from the college as a part of compulsory credits for the same.

Infrastructure : There are 15 classrooms, 5 each for each year students and there is a library as well as a computer lab present inside the campus. The basketball court, volleyball court, football ground and table tennis tables are also present. The quality of all of them is well maintained. The quality of the food is good, and a lot of varieties are available. The hostel facility is available only for girls on a twin or triple sharing basis. They are well maintained and are close to the college campus.

Faculty : The faculty is helpful and available 24x7 to assist us with any of our doubts or other problems that the students might face. Most of the teaching faculty are professors who have PhDs in the streams that they are teaching in. Their teaching methods used are mostly in-class learning with usual projects and outside learning techniques. Every student is given enough industry exposures through industrial visits as well as corporate internships. The course curriculum is very useful.


Entrance Preview

I opted for this particular college firstly because of the brand name attached and the kind of placements that the college offers to the students with companies like Amazon, Wipro, Multifit and many others coming to the campus for recruitment processes. The second reason was that I had heard from my seniors who were studying there that there are a lot of activities which take place all year round like Sympulse, Cult notes and many more!

Fee Structure And Facilities

The fee structure is a bit expensive with an annual fees of 2,20, 000 for Indian students and 4,40,000 for International students. But it is worth it because of the Dynamic course curriculum, opportunities that are provided to students, excellent placement opportunities and obviously the brand name attached.

Placement Wing


Our college is ranked first as far as placements are concerned. I am a placement coordinator of my college and I take pride in saying that we are the only college in India that provides such a high package to BBA students. Companies like Amazon, Mahindra, Wipro, Multifit, Pwg,KPMG have visited our campus for the recruitment process. The Placement rate for the year 2017-18 was 96.68% which is by far the best by any undergraduate college in India.

Hostel Facilities


There are no hostel facilities for boys. There are two hostel wings for girls namely:Wing A and Wing B. The mess facilities in college are amazing offering buffet for just 80rs. There is a canteen as well for those who do not want to eat meals. There is a Cafe coffee day shop as well in the campus.


The alumni network is great in our college. We have an alumni cell as well which organizes alumni meets every month which is very helpful for the first year students.



The faculty of our college is way too supportive and highly qualified. Most of the professors in our college have done their PhD degree and are highly eligible as well as qualified. They are available outside the class as well and so you can clear your doubts after your class timings. They are strict at times but I guess that is very important to maintain discipline. Some of the teachers like Sabiha Fazalboy, Vijay Mishra and Dheeraj Jain have written a lot of research papers and have been awarded on various occasions for their work.

Campus Life


The campus life is amazing to be honest as you get to explore a lot of things. As the motto says, Vasudhev Kutumbukam which means that we all are one and united. There are international students as well on the Campus. Students from over 26 countries are a part of the SCMS family.

Exam Structure

The exam structure is very good as it does not lay a lot of stress upon students. There are enough gaps between two consecutive exams which I guess is required by college students. There are internal as well as external examinations. Internal exams constitute 40 marks comprising of an assignment, written test, presentation and Mcq. The external test is for 60 marks which goes to the SIU for evaluation.

Course Curriculum Overview


The course curriculum is pretty dynamic in SCMS, Pune. A lot of focus is given on practical exposure in the form of research assignments, Mooc courses, and field assignments. The best thing about the course curriculum is that you can choose two specializations in your second year from among the following: 1) Entrepreneurship 2) Marketing 3) Human Resources 4) International Business 5) Environmental Management 6) Accounts and Finance

Internships Opportunities


Yes our college does provide internships. The general stipend is around 6k per month which I guess is good for an internship point of view. Our college provides internships in very good brands like Kohler, Multifit, Radma Research and many more. The overall experience of the students who have done an internship from college was enriching.

College Events


The annual fest of our college :Sympulse is the most recognized college fest in India. Actors like Farhan Akhtar, Ayushman Khurana have been the chief guests. There are lot of departments under sympulse like Symulate which organizes business fests, Simunc, Sprint which organizes sports events, Compliance, Finance and Headline events which organize events like Fashion shows,Pit stop and many more fun events.