Batch of 2016-2018

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This is the first post on IIM Sambalpur's Pagalguy account.We are sorry for being a bit late in kick-starting discussions on this thread but we are finally here to answer all the queries! We understand how confusing this time of the year can be for students. So, we are here to  make the decision making process for MBA aspirants as seamless as possible by providing the requisite information and guiding them through the admission season.



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Hi what is the cut off for this year admission for IIM sambalpur ?Website has cut off for the last year.

10th 87.38 

12th 80.50 

B tech 7.75 

Work ex 27 months 

cat  Va 80.68 dilr 94.08 qa 95.84 

Oa 94.39 

Do I stand any chance 

CAT percentile-85.44 ( OA )

But quant-66.6 (will it be a constraint?)




work ex- 18 months (IT)

category- NC-OBC

Do I stand a chance?

People need Help.

 CAT OA- 89.43,  VA/LR/Quant - 70.71/96/89

Xth/XIIth/B.E  - 76.60/69/ 60


Category - NC OBC

Any chances?

Cutoff for iimsambalpur?  It's new IIm and is the area is not developed much

10th 85 

12th 90 

B tech 8.71

Work ex 34 months 

cat  Va 87dilr 87 qa 95.84 

Oa 93.72 


Do I stand any chance 

OA: 90.38, QA: 94.71, DILR-91.82, VA:70.38

10th: 74.83

12th: 82.67 70.47

Work Ex: 16 Months

General Category Male

Do I stand a chance?

How is IIm sambarpur seniors please help and be true

Hi @ruchi_arora1 

CAT OA-96.09%ile

X-87.2%, XII-78.16%, - 71.06

Work ex- 30 months in Marketing

What are my chances?

Also it is being said that the cut off was reduced to 90%ile...does this mean that the last guy or girl in IIM-SMB is near to 90?

hi cat OA-92.17. va/di/qa-98.66/70.32/83(general),do i stand a chance at iim sambalpur. i am from sambalpur......will u see only overall cutoff or sectional also......if yes then will my di create problem?? any domicile quota at iim sambalpur???

Hi @ruchi_arora1


can we expect the shortlist to be declared..?

cat OA-94.89 (va-91.16,dilr-95.36,qa-90.34) general X-85,XII-88,UG-btech 60. what are my chances ?

What has been the scenario of the summer internship till now. Is the infrastructure okay??

OA 81.42

X 88

XII 80

Grad 64.5 in last year 58 aggregate

12 months experience

SC category


OA 95(87 94 94) GEM. X/XII/Grad - 90/93/65.5 Work-ex 3+ years. Is there a possibility I can expect a call?

@ruchi_arora1 when are the cutoffs scheduled to be out

As the CAP results are out...could you please share the cutoff details?

Posting this on behalf of a friend. As per the recent cutoff declared by Shambalpur, the general cutoff is 90 with the sectional cutoff bring 80. A friend of mine fulfills this criteria but did not get a call for the gd pi as per the list released on Feb 8. Are they going to release a new list sometime in the future or was the list released for the 9 IIMs the final one.

Hi, I just got an email from admissions IIM Sambalpur asking for expression of Interest for PGP. Does that mean I have cleared their cutoff?