BASIC2023 (Business Analytics and Social Innovation Conference)

The pre-conference held yesterday at VBS Mumbai under the event BASIC23 was conducted by our one of the renowned invited speaker Dr. T Mohansundaram gave us some delightful highlights on Time Series Analysis using EViewer:

A way of analyzing a sequence of data points collected over an interval of time is Time Series Analysis. Data recorded at consistent intervals over a set period of time can be analysed to observe how variables change over time giving us ideas about seasonal trends and dig deeper into why these trends occur.

The session covered how time series using EViews, heta statistical package for Windows, used mainly for time-series oriented econometric analysis is essential for things that are constantly fluctuating over time or are affected by time. Industries like finance, retail, and economics can benefit from time series analysis in the long run.

Also, we the VBS Mumbai would like to express our immense gratitude towards them for saying such affirmative words in the form of feedback.
We really appreciate it and hope to keep contact for future conferences as well.