baruch mba 2011 FT

hi guys , is there not anybody for baruch full time 2011 ??? come on guys …

hi guys , is there not anybody for baruch full time 2011 ?????
come on guys .....

Hi fall2010,

What questions do you have regarding Baruch?


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I got admit in full time MBA for fall 2011...

Hi, i am applying for the full time program at Baurch. Would you mind sharing your profile fall2010?

hey!!! finally somebdy!!! i got an admit for the fall 11 mba at baruch...mind sharin ur email id so dat we cud discuss few things..? i really need to know all i can abt baruch...

Applicants who are done with their Baruch's interview: can u please share your profile and interview experience on this thread? Thanks!

Jay, I appeared for the interview yesterday. It was a telephonic interview with Frank Fletcher. It was more of the conventional interview, with general questions like why MBA, Why Baruch, What specific in Baruch.
The questions were directed to know more details about your essays, and I was also asked my career goals in details.

I must say that Frank is very collaborative, and explains the questions precisely for the information he is looking for. Whether it's your work experience, or your achievements, how will they add value to baruch. is what he is looking for Also, be prepared for one or two miscellaneous questions like describe a situation when you had a conflict, a group where you did not like to work, a confusing situation, etc..

I had a total of 7 questions which consumed almost 25 mins, and last 5 mins were about discussing my questions and doubts

I also met Thomas Lo while he was here in Mumbai in September 2010. From my experience, I would say that if your interview is Frank Fletcher or Thomas Lo, you would probably enjoy your interview experience and wont feel like an interview its more like information exchange

Enjoy and All the Best


@ ALL: I have created a group: with email at [email protected]. Please join the group, it will help us to discuss about Zicklin MBA 😃

Could you share your profile?
Cause I submitted my application but haven't got an interview invitation yet...

Hi Guys ,
Can anyone help me know how to send "sealed university attested Transcripts"
I'm not even sure if universities do that in india .
Any one out there who've sent his/her ....please help .
Also , is it possible that if i submit notarized photo copies of my mark sheets , would this work ????