Baroda community service

Anyone know any community service centres in Baroda??

Anyone know any community service centres in Baroda??

Yeah...would certainly like to do my part and contribute something(even a wee bit) towards helping out someone else...guess I ll tag along with Euphoria and ppl to check out the place...

And hey Jo when r u gonna be visiting Baroda??
And hey Jo when r u gonna be visiting Baroda??

I'll be in Baroda on April 8th. It would really be great if some people went on to that place, and since it's holiday season again for a lot of you maybe you could try doing what I had talked about earlier regarding some interactive counselling sessions for the older kids.

Err Cobain, your avatar is confusing a guy or a gal?
j0 Says
Err Cobain, your avatar is confusing a guy or a gal?

Am a girl. 😃
Cobain Says
Anyone know any community service centres in Baroda??

Great initiative, Cobain.

Something which all of us have been thinking of but cudn't start coz of lack of any concerete efforts on our part.

There are few people, say 4-5, at the moment and we have decided to visit the place Every Sunday in the first half for 1-2 hrs.

Few things we have planned out are,

1. Career guidance to those who are in 10th, 12th and college
2. Computer education (IMS owner has been generous enough to offer his computer facilities to educated these orphans)
3. Job oriented training - This would help them develop skills required for a particular job which, in turn, wud help them have at least a descent job which would make them self sufficient.

Also, there are small kids which really need a touch of love which we can bring in just by visiting/talking/laughing/playing with them.

These are the main objectives we have thought of so far. Anyon'es valuable suggestions would be the most welcome.

Check ur PM to find the contact details.

Finally this tree bears fruit :D

Nicely set agenda there Ritesh, and I think I'll have to send a few boxes of Pedas over to Sriram for his generous offer.

It all looks good uptil now, would love to see it all getting implemented.

If we can setup a good model here I was thinking maybe Sriram could project it forward to the IMS HQ so that they can start replicating it. Just imagine the cascade effect to that.
Before I get far ahead of myself, lets see something happen first 😃


Thanks for the work of appreication. :)

But, yes, as you said, let us first build the base on the conceret action which you would see much sooner!

Yeah, Sriram has been committed since the days we planned the things out last year. Also, I would talk to him now, if you can give us some extra better inputs.

Will keep the peepz posted.

Taking further the plans, we have planned the visit to missionaries on 02.04.2006, Sunday (approximately) 2.00 - 4.00 pm. I am not sure about the timing, but, I would check it out and will let you all know.

Those who are ready just register your availability and presence here. I'd pm you my contact details or may you do the same. We all would get in touch and will proceed to the place.


Missionaries of Charity
Legend : before GIDC/Bus depot on the left hand side while going towards Highway.


Ritesh, I hope you've talked to someone at the place before you go visiting.
If there hasn't been too much change in the organisation, please see to it that Sister Janvi or Sister Meena are present.

2 to 4 might not be a great time coz it'll be just after lunch and if I remember correctly most of the kids take a nap coz its pretty hot roundabout then.

I will be taking the liberty of posting the progress on what happens in Baroda over here

Will try and hook up with you folks while I'm there, maybe at Missionaries itself.

ps: the biggest landmark there would be the Novino Batteries right opposite the place.

hey guys,
i am new over here(pagalguy).
could u guys just clear up which date r u going??
i would also like to join u in helpin those kids.

Hey there Mickey

I'm in Baroda right now and am game to go anytime after the 19th preferably.

If you are hell-bent on going on a Sunday, then tomorrows cool with me.

Hey guys couldn't make it earlier...anyways s.y. bcom exams begin on the 22nd will be done with em on the lets please work out something after the 28th if possible...

After the 28th? :|

Hrmm I won't be around by then, I'll be going there on Thursday or Friday in anycase. Interested parties can leave me a PM.


Before I die of dehydration in this dust-infested city, I think I will live to see something worthwhile.

A few of us are arranging to play a movie for the kids at the Missionaries tomorrow ie 21st April 2006. This will probably be in the afternoon.

We have also put together a rather exhaustive plan framework for the holidays.
You can find all the details here.

AF-Baroda: The Summer Project

Come one, come all... as long as you come along. People interested can get in touch with me or just show up at the place tomorrow after confirming the timing of the event.
Hope to see you there.:D

Hrmm... after the initial flurry of activity, things seem to have died down here.

Hope everyone in Baroda is safe and if things get better maybe we can make plans for the weekend.

It would be greatly appreciated, if people interested in contributing could PM across their Y! ids so that we can confy sometime soon.

*Bump Bump Bump*

I will be in town for a while if there is junta interested in the above stated.

Arre Am interested...let me know when you are here and we will work something out...

I'll be here till the 7'th of Jan. Lets work something out

Sorry for the late reply... have been a lil tied up.
In all probability I'll be in Baroda tomorrow, so what we can do is that those people interested can come along and check out the Missionaries with me.
There is a volunteer organisation called Yuva, which works mostly in Gujarat and Mumbai... I will be trying to rope them in as well.

Idea is 2 hours in a week, spent at the stated location with a focus on giving these kids some career guidance and help with basic math n english and generally raise aspiration levels. I've seen this concept run beautifully in Cochin... Yuva is something on similar lines, let's hope it can be replicated.

Vivek... I don't have your phone no. just msg it across whenever you see this.