Banking Awareness Thread !

Banking Awareness Thread !

I have lots of q's on banking awareness I ll upload qu's of banking awareness but after pre result .... Abhi himmat nai bachi mujme

How to follow this Banking awareness  Thread !!!!


central bank of India

  • sbi
  • ubi
  • none
  • rbi

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difference bw bank rate and repo rate

  • other than given option r if anything more plz share
  • bank rate is short term and vice versa
  • bank rate is long term and repo rate is short term
  • none

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now which monetary policy is  running

  • apr 7 nth
  • oct 9th
  • dec 1st
  • feb 2nd

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usually how many monetary policies going t take place in yr?

what is the meaning of bi monthly policy?

bank rate means?

  • bank gives loans t rbi
  • bank gives loans t public
  • rbi giving loans t bnks for short term
  • rbi giving loans t bnks for long term

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present base rate

  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • other than given option
  • decided by indivdual banks
  • 6

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difference between crr and slr?

difference between liquid asset and non liquid assset?

scheduled banks register under which schedule of rbi act of which yr?

  • 22-1934
  • 20-1934
  • none
  • 2nd 1934

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monetary policy controlled by whom?

lender of lost resort?

money issue circulation destroying controlled by?

rbi established in which yr? asked in one of the examinations

rbi nationalized in which yr?

monetary policy terms?