Banking Awareness Short tricks

Library of GA Short Tricks

First In India

1.Kerala --->Kar

                                 solar powered ferry ,   --> sole

                                 IT co-operative UL CyberPark,  --->Cyber

                                 Gender Park,                   ---> Gene

                                 Defence Park                   -->De

                                 Digital State                    --->Din       

 Trick--So Kar

 Gene keliye Cyber cafe me 5 Din st So Kar Dena para


2.Gujrat ---> rat

                    civil aviation park,   -->civil

                   underwater restuarant, -->Andar water

                     railway university ---rail-university

  Trick--- RAT

 Rail university k Civil branch k Andar Water me bohot Rat h


3.Chennai --- china

                        self-cleaning smart toilets, -->toilets

                        rail-auto transportation and logistics hub-->rail auto

Trick --- China me rail ho ya auto sab me toilet hota h


4. Odisha   --Saw

                  --- titanium project -- titan

Trick -- She Saw a titan watch


5. Bangaluru --Uro

                        --- Space Park --space

    Trick -- Space me uro


6. Maharashtra --- Maharashtra

                             LCD Panel Plant --Love Cex Dhokha

     Trick -- Love Cex Dhokha maharashtra me hi shoot huwa h


7. Sikkim ---sikh

                       National Organic Farming Research Institute -- Farming(kheti)

 Trick -- Sikh log kheti institute se sikhte h


8. Pondicherry ---Pond

                Fully Solar – powered educational institute(sri aurobindo)--solar -powered (aur band--aurobindo)

                        Trick-- Pond fully solar powered h aur band v rhta h


9. Sahapedia  -- Kaha pe diya

--- online interactive heritage portal -- Inter 

Trick --- Inter ka exam Kaha pe diya

---------------------------------The End------------------------------------------



Banking Awareness Part -- 1/7

  • 1. 3rd largest oil consumer(USA-1st) --->India
  • 2. India's first small finance bank---->Capital Local Area Bank 
  • 3. an Alternate Executive Director at IMF--->Sunil Sabharwal
  • 4. All rural post offices to connect digitally ---> by March 2017
  • 5. Green Economy Visionary Award--->Dr. R Seetharaman(CEO of Doha Bank)
  • 6.SmartUp for startups   ---> HDFC Bank
  • 7. 1st contactless credit card for SMEs ---> ICICI(powerd by VISA payWave) 
  • 8. Among world's ten biggest and most powerful  companies ---> HDFC(7th)
  • 9. 1st bank to commence--sale of Indian Gold Coin  (IGC) --> Indian Overseas
  • 10. IPPB setup expanse--800 crore rupees


Important Committees Part --1/2

  • Chand pe Demo karne keliye  
  • ATM me Mudra dala
  • Munni k pas Sare App hai bird flu bhagane keliye
  • Saraswti river k pas daldiya ---> by March 2017
  • GS is Very Basic
  • Subsidised pulse 5 bora bandh de
  • Iss Power ko Mata ka Prasad samjho
  • Narashima is OP(over powered)
  • P for Pradeep  and P for Pan-india
  • Mere 2 anmol Ratan ..ek debit card aur ek credit card
  • Amitabh bachan ek commerce student h
  • (In bihar tone) Sala humar Panwa pe Gariya chadha diya.Aur Garibi badha raha h humar

1.  Committee on Demonetisation - Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.

2.  Recalibration of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) -Task Force headed by S.S Mundra, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

3.  Munialappa committee - to monitor the bird flu situation and help state governments take steps to contain the disease.

4.  K.S. Valdiya committee - The Saraswati river, so far considered mythical, did exist, a Government-constituted expert committee has found.

5.  GS Jha committee - to visit the Cauvery basin area and assess the ground.

6.  Hem Pande committee - to sell subsidised pulses to ensure that there is no shortage of the item during this festival season.

7.  Mata Prasad committee - suggested an overhaul in transmission planning to facilitate transfer of power on economic principles.

8.  Justice L Narasimha Reddy committee - to consider the anomalies, if any, arising out of implementation of OROP.

9.  Pradeep Kumar Sinha committee - to develop the pan-India road map for trade facilitation

10. Ratan P Watal committee - to suggest steps to promote card payments

11. Amitabh Kant committee (CEO of NITI Aayog) - to look at easing the policy regime for e-commerce players, including the rules for foreign direct investment (FDI).

12. Arvind Panagariya committee  - to prepare a road map for elimination of poverty. It has suggested setting up a committee to identify people Below Poverty Line 


Important Committiees --2/2

  • TV pe gun se mara
  • AK47 leke ganga me padhne gaya
  • 10GB RAM load hai Medical Council me
  • Ravina Tandon... bohot advertise karti hai
  • Akhir esko Tax lag gaya e commerce class me
  • Gen candidate ne DaBba KatKar... apna Kharcha(expenditure) diya
  • TiS Re  manjil pe Sabman laga kar Padhta(Education) hai
  • NK Sinigh k class me FiR BOM fora
  • (modi in bhasan saying) "Bhaiyo aur Mitro... yatayat keliye Taxi ka v use kare

13. TVSN Prasad committee - to look into the alternatives to pellet guns. 

14. Ak Sinha committee - to study slit in river Ganga in Bihar.

15. Justice R.M. Lodha committee  -  to oversee the functioning of Medical Council of India (MCI)

16. NK Singh committee - to review and give recommendations on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) roadmap for the future.

17. Sanjay Mitra committee - to prepare a policy framework for taxi and other transport operators in view of the ban on diesel taxis in the National Capital 

Region (NCR).

20. T S R Subramanian committee  - New Education Policy.

21. Lt Gen D B Shekatkar panel -  to relook defence expenditure.

22. B BTandon Committee - to monitor Government Advertisements

23. Akhilesh Ranjan committee - recommendations on Taxation of e-commerce 

 Trick to remember Ambassador.


Haley Haley UNse Labo k Sang jiv v takra gaye.. ......we den went to kapil show..chinese-indian ki Love Zha hui...Kastdia Menu pal pal..US navtej ne

1.UN--Nikki Haley

2. Lebanon -Sanjiv

3. Sweden-- Monika Kapil Mohta

4. Chinese to India -- Luo Zhaohui

5.Austria(kastdia) -- Renu Pall(menu pal)

6. US --Navtej Sarna 

Guys, I am making a PDF of all GK tricks I posted on pagalguy, I will share link as soon as I upload it somewhere

(This helped me to get 1 marks in IBPS PO mains exam)

                    NOBLE PRIZE TRICK

1> Medicine  - Yoshinori Oshumi

Do you see Dr. Auto 


2> Physics  - F. Duncan M haldane , J Michael Kosttrlitz, David J. Thovless

David Superconductor kharidne Michael ki Ducan gaye.


3> Chemistry -  Jean Pierre Souvage, Sir J. Frasen Stoddort, Bernard L. Feringa

Jean Pierry Molecular Machine k sahare kal se frazer road me ghumenge firenge.


4> Peace Prize -- Juan Manuel Santos(colombia's President)

Barso baad colombia me shanti ane se Juan ko santos huwa


5> Economics -- Oliver hart, Bengt Holomstrom

Bete ne contract theory pe kaam kar oliver ko haraya


6>Literature: Bob Dylan(singer songwriter)--- for having created new poetic expressions.

BRICS Meetings

    Labour, film , drug , agriculture , infrastructure—new delhi --- fdi la 

Scientist , workshop --- Bangalore 

  Urban, energy – vishkhapatnam




Disaster management- Udaipur

 Tourism – MP

 Sci & Tech – Rajasthan