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 Top 5 Synonyms: 


hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking.

synonyms -eschew, resist

trick -Balk sounds like “Block”

I Blocked his idea of going there.


the use of deception or subterfuge to achieve one’s purpose.

synonyms – trickery, deception, deceit

trick – chicanery sounds like shikari who uses means of deception to trick animals into his traps.


– roll about or lie in mud or water.

synonyms– Rollick, Revel

trick – buffalo likes to wallow itself in mud.


utterly; wipe out.

synonyms-annihilate, exterminate, extirpate, demolish, eliminate.

trick – After demolition of building, only littered are left.


-a general feeling of discomfort

synonyms-unhappiness, restlessness, uneasiness, unease.

trick – If i find “Malai” while having milk, i dont feel like drinking more.


English Section is the test of Vocabulary and the English skills but SSC CGL Tier 1 English Section is much tougher in comparison to the other competitive Examination. The section consists of 25 Questions and might be the easiest and scoring section for one having good knowledge of English. Here is the list of important topics which you must cover while preparing for your exam.

In this video we will discuss Daily Vocabulary (Root Words) for SSC Exams. This session is very important for all aspirants. 

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 Top 5 Synonyms: 


complain about something in a persistent, irritating way

Synonyms – objection, ache, moan

Trick– gripe=grapes+ripe

You must complain to the seller if the grapes are not ripen.



Synonyms – Doctrine,lecture,oration

Trick– Coward people can give lecture at home only instead of doing outside.


showing great attention to detail or correct behaviour

Synonyms – meticulous, conscientious,  heedful

Trick– A punctual person is always punctilious.



Synonyms -Pious, sanctimonious

My friend belongs to a brahman family, his every sentence is full of moral values.


insolent or insulting language or treatment.

Synonyms – Vilification,abuse,scorn, Defamation.

TrickContumely sounds like = Kaun Tu meri.

He insulted her girlfriend in front of his friends by asking her “Kaun Tu meri”.

Best Books for SSC CGL English Language

 In order to crack the prestigious SSC CGL recruitment examination, candidates require a proper, sufficient study material. An ideal study material includes:

Preparation Books – Reference books, preparatory books are an important source of study material. Most students prefer to study content from various books published by famous authors. Books are considered to be the best source of information for all the topics which are included in an exam.

Question Banks – Question banks are considered to be the most reliable source for practice and to understand the type of questions asked. Many students practice with a series of question banks to improve time efficiency and knowledge.

Sectional Tests – Sectional tests include mock tests designed to present questions in an arbitrary manner. The test includes all the topics of an exam which is to be answered in a particular time frame. This test helps in giving a fair idea about the sectional cut off.

SSC CGL Recommended Study Material

houses a number of prominent publishers like Disha, Upkar Prakashan, Arihant, Jagranjosh etc. who provide resourceful study material, practice test series and eBooks. Here is a list of preparation books for SSC CGL English language section:

English Grammar e-Book -Upkar Publication

Vocabulary Exercises e-Book- Gyan Express 

English Language Preparation Book- Disha Publication

Vocabulary Exercises e-Book (Part-II) -Gyan Express

Reading Comprehension Exercises Book- Cosmos BookHive

English Language Preparation e-Book -Cosmos BookHive

English Language Preparation (Vol-II)- Cosmos BookHive 


Hello aspirants, 

Along with Objective section, Descriptive section is also important and needs to be given adequate attention and practice. Most of the aspirants have i.e. ‘HOW TO PREPARE FOR DESCRIPTIVE TEST’

Students from Hindi medium predominantly face great difficulty in attempting it. So, we are here to help you in every possible aspect.

Often it’s been experienced that aspirants preparing for competitive exams don’t give much attention to descriptive. But remember students each and every phase of the exam is very competitive in itself. So ignoring any section might get you in trouble.

Let’s discuss a few relevant points:

Why is ‘Descriptive Test’ conducted?

An officer recruited in a bank or any other work place is supposed to possess reading and writing skills as he /she might someday get a chance to flaunt it. For instance, the officer is required to draft Letters, prepare presentations to colleagues, and communicate to higher officials. That is why it is important to possess communication skills.


The descriptive test question paper will have only two sections:

1. Letter writing

2. Essay writing

Questions will be allotted only in English Language and can be answered only by using keyboard. In case of SSC, four boxes in a single row will be provided in the answer sheet. Descriptive paper will commence as Objective paper is over.

In all likelihood, the essay will carry 30-35 marks while the letter will be asked for 15-20 marks. In SSC, descriptive carries 100 marks (i.e. an essay and a letter). To attempt descriptive section with ease and perfection, here are certain points you should know and follow:

1. Inculcate reading habit- to develop a good vocabulary and be in touch with current affairs. The topic for your essay and letter can be anything related to current events, various new policies and other social issues.

2. Mental précis- Develop a habit of making a mental précis of your own thoughts, when thoughts are assembled writing becomes a tad easier.

3. Practice Writing- to grab confidence, write at least 1 letter and 1 essay daily until the exam day. At first, you can take your time and complete your essay or letter in an hour or so. But gradually, enhance your speed and quality of writing. Do not make the same mistakes over and over.

4. Practice by typing on a computer- If you develop a good typing speed you will be able to finish your letter and essay in time.

Now that you are aware of the pattern and general strategy, do not fritter away your time. Start working on your reading and writing skills. We’ll be there to help you on every step.

Keep learning! Keep Growing! 

 This video will cover how to prepare for English for SSC CGL TIER 1 Exam like topic wise question distribution, Role of online test series, how to prepare for vocab and grammar portion, Important chapters of English grammar, Important books for English and building confidence. Important Books - MB PUBLICATION, KIRAN PUBLICATION

 How To Score 35+ Marks in Essay Writing For SSC Exams 2018| Govt. Job Preparation  

In this video, our expert, Manisha Narang, discusses various tips and tricks for essay writing. It will help you know how to score 35+ marks in this section. 

The PDF related to the same has been attached below which carries all the tips for Essay writing. 

It also includes the pattern that must be followed to form a coherent essay.

 Preparation Tips and Rules to Solve Spotting Errors Questions: 

The English section of major govt. exams carry a lot of weightage of marks. A considerable number of aspirants have problems in attempting this section as it is comparatively difficult than the rest. 

We can not predict the level of difficulty for each question but we can most definitely help you in tackling important subjects which come under the English language paper. 

One such subject is spotting the errors from a given sentence or paragraph. Spotting error is one of the most important and scoring subjects in English section of major Bank exams such as IBPS, SBI, RBI etc as well as SSC recruitment exams.

 In order to excel in this particular subject, you need to be proficient in English grammar.

 Errors based on Nouns

A noun is a word used to identify any of a class of people, places or things. Some of the nouns, be it singular or plural, follow certain rules to complete a sentence. These are mentioned below:

  1. Some nouns which are singular in form but are used as plural nouns are followed by a plural verb. These include- Cattle, Peasantry, People, Vermin, Police, Clergy.


  • The cattle grazing near the farm. (Incorrect)
  • The cattle grazing near the farm. (Correct)

2. Some nouns which are used as plural nouns are always followed by a plural verb. These include- Scissors, Stockings, Trousers, Specs, Shorts, Goods, Employees.


  • Where my stockings? (Incorrect)
  • Where my stockings? (Correct)

3. Some collective nouns are used as both singular and plural depending on the meaning. When these nouns refer to a unit, a singular verb is used, otherwise, plural will be used. These include- Team, Public, Government, Committee, Jury, Audience.


  • The company founded in the year of 1992 (Correct)
  • The company founded in the year of 1992 (Incorrect)

4. There are some nouns which are always followed by a singular verb. These include- Poetry, Machinery, Ethics, Mathematics, Physics, Classics, Innings, Stationery, News, Abuse, Economics, Business.


  • Ethics important. (Incorrect)
  • Ethics important. (Correct)

Errors based on Pronouns:

A pronoun is a word that takes place of the noun (for example- He, She, They, Someone, Who). Some of the pronouns follow certain rules to complete a sentence which are mentioned below:

  1. A pronoun should always agree with its antecedent in person, number, and gender. An antecedent is a noun that a pronoun is replacing or referring to.


  • All students must do homework. (Correct)
  • Each student must bring books (Incorrect)
  • Each student must bring books. (Correct)

2. The pronoun ‘one’ should always be followed by one’s.


  • One must finish his task in time. (Incorrect)
  • One must finish one’s task in time. (Correct)

3. There is always a confusion regarding the usage of pronouns- who and whom. Who and whoever are subjective pronouns whereas whom and whomever are objective. To put it simply, ‘who’ denotes the subject of the verb and ‘whom’ works as an object in the sentence.


  • is the project leader? (Incorrect)
  • is the project leader? (Correct)
  • are you talking to? (Incorrect)
  • are you talking to? (Correct)

For more Preparation Tips

 FREE PDFs For Government Jobs: Current Affairs, SSC, Banking, Railways, State and UPSC- 

This page is specially built for aspirants or students preparing for their upcoming government exams in order to get their desired government job. Check out free downloadable PDFs for current affairs, SSC, Banking, Railways, State and UPSC. 

Download Here:

 How to Prepare for SSC CPO English Language Section 2018:  

 Focus on High-Scoring Topics

The English Section of most bank exams like SSC CPO is primarily focused on Reading Comprehension and Grammar. Hence, you need to extremely good at solving problems based on these.

You should begin with English Grammar. This is something you’ve been learning since your preschool days and yet, somehow, you don’t really know it at a professional level. Change that and go hit those basic books on English Grammar and start with simple exercises to understand where you can improve.

Regular Practice, Constant Reading from various sources and progress report will help you understand your scale of improvement.

Tips to solve Reading Comprehension Questions 

For Reading Comprehension Questions in SSC CPO Clerk English Language Section, here are a few preparation tips.

  • Vocabulary in Context: Meaning of a word in a given context. One may not go through the passage entirely if one knows the meaning of the word. Tone and flow of the passage, option elimination etc. are to be kept in mind while solving questions based on vocabulary in RCs.
  • Direct Information based problems: One needs to go through the questions first and then start skimming through the passage to find the most relevant answer.
  • Inference based problems: One needs to read and process the information provided in the passage thoroughly to answer these problems.

If by any chance, you are still finding these questions hard to solve, do not spend excess time. Rather invest your time and energy towards other topics.

Solve Error Spotting and Fill in the Blanks based Questions

Both Spotting the Error and Fill in the Blanks are essential topics and carry 5 questions each in SSC CPO English Language section in Prelims Examination.

  • For Spotting the Error, one should also be good with Subject-Verb agreement, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjective and Parts of Speech.
  • For Fill in the Blanks, Grammar and Vocabulary are again very important and it is also advisable to get your synonym and antonym knowledge straight.

Do keep track of those ‘silly’ mistakes you make while solving questions based on both topics as they can help you in the actual paper. Don’t commit these mistakes in the actual SSC CPO Exam!

Enhance your SSC preparation with the below given Mock Tests:


 Attempt now SSC CGL TIER1 2018 ALL INDIA TEST.

Compete among thousands and check where you stand.

Best way to Boost you Preparation.

English :

Hindi :

 In the following questions, the sentence given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.

Literature is a _____ through which a person conveys his ideas towards or protest _____ different norms of society. The words that deal with a _____ issue are of particular importance in literature. They are _____ with a particular purpose in _____.

a particular purpose in _____.

  • all
  • hand
  • mind
  • total

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 SSC Exam: How To Score 40+ in English Section| Govt. Exam Preparation  In this video, I have discussed Cut off of SSC CGL Tier I 2017 and previous year paper analysis. The analysis is done chapter wise and difficulty level. 


 "In order to learn and grab the prominent concepts of Adjectives with proper example sentences, we’ve got an absolute tutorial for you.
This tutorial on Adjectives talks about various Error Spotting rules of Adjectives. It also focuses on the different degrees of adjectives and their usage in different cases.
Also, Order of Adjectives has been discussed." 


Shortcut Rule 1:

 The following words are uncountable and are normally used in the singular form only. The indefinite article "A or An" Should not be used with them. They have no plural forms. 'A/An' not used before them. Ex : Luggage / Baggage / Breakage / Advice / Furniture / Information / Scenery / Poetry / Work / Soap / Food / Bread / Fish / Paper / Machinery etc. 

The Sceneries of Kashmir is very beautiful. ☓ 

The Scenery of Kashmir is very beautiful. ✔ 

I know that he has many informations. ☓

 I know that he has much information / a lot of information. ✔ 

They gave me a good advice. ☓ 

The gave me a piece of good advice. ✔ 

I want a Soap/Bread. ☓

 I want a piece of Soap/Bread. ✔ 

 Shortcut Rule 2 : 

The words such as "News / Maths / Ethics / Politics / Phonetics / Economics / Statistics / Measles / Mumps / Rickets / Billiards / Innings" look like plural nouns but give singular meaning. So, they take singular form of verbs. 

Mathematics is a difficult subject. ✔ 

But say "His Mathematics are very weak". ✔ 

Rule : When Preceded by a possessive adjective, the noun takes a plural verb Billiards are an interesting game. ☓

 Billiards is an interesting game. ✔ 

The news are not reliable. ☓ 

The news is not reliable. ✔ 

 Shortcut Rule 3:

 Some Nouns have the same form whether singular or plural. Ex : Sheep / Deer / Service / Series / Species /Fish / Apparatus.

He saw two sheeps in the zoo. ☓ 

He saw two sheep in the zoo ✔ 

A series of lectures are to be delivered tomorrow. ☓

A series of lectures is to be delivered tomorrow. ✔ 

 Shortcut Rule 4 : 

 The following nouns are always used in the plural form only. Cattle / People / Police / Electorate / Poultry / Trousers / Scissors / Spectacles / Binoculars / Crackers / Swine / Gentry / Clergy. 

All these are used with plural form of verbs. 

The police is coming towards us now. ☓ 

The police are coming towards us now. ✔

 The scissor is very sharp. ☓ 

The scissors are very sharp. ✔