BANK OF MAHARASHTRA 3rd willingness list

To know the possibility of selection

Kya Hkoi bta Sakta hai ki kya final selection ho Sakta hai willingness ki list 

Anyone in d 1st batch u know who joined

Bom hr soo gaye kya

Koi h jo legal assistant me waiting

Boss Baby: I am selected in RRB PO VI I worked 10 month in private ltd company and relieved in April 2017 and was received full and final payment voucher from company. My boss said he can do only one thing and could speak over phone/reply to email of HR of my Bank that I am relieved properly……. I had mentioned company name, from to date, position held, duties in IBPS PO VII application form, and ticked as currently not working. In interview I had submitted fake relieving letter I want to correct above fake letter mistake.... 1. Is it essential for candidates who worked in private ltd company to submit relieving letter for joining bank???? 2. If yes then making notorized declaration/affidavit ..that I don't have letter but I have relieved.properly.....will solve my problem? 3. Does my bank will accept the option to talk/email my boss to get confirmation that I am relieved.? 4. Or any other suggestion/solution???? Note-I have appointment letter, last 3.5 month salary slips, full and final settlement Vocher only ....