Exclusively for Trade Finance (MMG/S-II) 

Any update on Interview for Marketing Scale 2

The interview starting from 3rd April...Guys do share your experience.

what would be the take home package for JMGS 1 planning

Any update abt result??? Trade finance and credit scale 2

Interview list for Planning Scale 1 out

I have been shorlisted for interview Planning Scale 1, does any one here have also shorlisted?

I have been short listed for interview for Planning officer scale 1, guys any one who have cleared exam?

Trade finance,Credit mngr- Scale 2 result kab niklega??

What is the job profile of planning officer? Is it better than PO?

I have my interview of BOB SO (Planning) on 29th May. I want to know how should I prepare for the interview. Which books and magazine should I refer.

Kindly help.

Any Civil/Architechture people here..?

 please add my number in the whats up group 9014180480

So done with the interview. Centre: Delhi, Batch 12. Pm. Background : Ma economics. Was asked to report at 12 but even till that point document verification for batch 1 was going on. Once they ascertained all from noon batch are present they have a blank page to write a para. This was done in place of gd. The choices given GST NPA Asking for a leave in Bank As there were 25 candidates per batch and interviews being in sequential order as attendance sheet I had to wait for 4 hours. The panel consisted of 4 ppl 3m+1f, in high likelihood 1 agm+1dgm+2 chief mgr. After enquiries on educational background and current work exp in a ITES firm they asked why you want to leave. Rest questions too were more to do with IT than economics like business intelligence and geo tagging. Overall decent interview. Will depend mainly on Written marks

Any update  senior manager credit (scale 3) ka result kab tak ayega.

any update on marketing MMG/S-II BOB ??

 any updates for the result of trade finance mII 

 any updates for the result of trade finance mII 


vacancies were 100, why have dey selected just 45.