BANK OF BARODA Recruitment 2018-19



ABOUT BARODA MANIPAL FROM A 21st Batch (2017-2018) PO

Hello Friends here I am sharing my experience in BMSB (Baroda Manipal School of Banking, Bangalore).

Before you even think about applying for this course you should know about BMSB, I am a 21st batch student of BMSB currently under training. I am writing this anonymously because of obvious reasons.

1.The course provided by BMSB is called PGDBF (post-graduation diploma in banking and finance). It consists of 3 terms – Term 1, Term 2, Term 3 and after the third term there is a special audit program for about 2 weeks.

2. Term 1 has 7 subjects, Term 2 has 7 subjects and Term 3 also has 7 subjects. Last part of this course is OJT (on the job training), which you will be completing in your branches. In BMSB, Bangalore campus you will be staying for 9 months.

3. Now talking about the Academy here, almost all faculty here are from Banking background with 35+ year experience but some of them have no relevant experience in bank.

4. Some faculty are really good (approx 2%) which will be around 3 to 4 faculty members who really know how to teach and know the subject but rest of them only know how to answer every question with “I am right because I have 35 years of experience” even if the answer they provide is logically incorrect in every universe. You really start to wonder how they survived in the banking industry. 

5. Now for students – Once you set your foot here, after a week of document submission and all, they will provide you with a user id and Password and you will have to login to BMSB website with your ID and password to access the digital content of each subject, “Yes it a digital platform study”. 

6. Each subject has different chapters and in each chapter there is 3 Sections PRE CLASS, INCLASS, & POST CLASS.

7. In each of these 3 sections there is some pdf material regarding the chapters and also MCQ which you need to answer. After continuous classes from 9 am to 6 pm, you are expected to read the study material in the hostel. Yes, the faculty will not teach you anything. They will ask you if you have any doubt and even if you have any doubt the answer will be illogical most of the time but as I told before some faculty are really good they will teach you from the basics so you can understand really well. Most of the faculties here are only for the sake of salary.

8. Each day you have to be ready with all the subjects PRE CLASS and understand on your own and answer PRE CLASS QUIZ and in the class the faculty will ask questions or they will give you some CASE STUDY and tell you to present it in front of the class even if you are clueless about the topic . They assume you have understood all.

9. For IN CLASS there are also three things one is LC (learning confirmation), CASE study and Group discussion. Each day, for each subject, the respective faculty will release 10 questions  as LC for a limited time, you have to answer it within that limited time and the score you got will be recorded. You will have to use your own laptop to answer and then after LC the faculty will give you a case study to do and divide you in groups to discuss and present in front of the class. Do remember the LCs carry marks in the internals here, so you have to give it seriously. And LCs come from a database of questions, so you can’t be sure whether you will get same question as the one on the right.

10. For POST class – After the particular day PRE and IN class ends when you come back to hostel you will have to do the POST class of that particular chapter which again consists of 10 MCQs. Your academic mark is depending upon it. After the POST Class over you have to study for next day PRECLASS for next chapter. So, you will soon feel even 24 hours are not enough.

LET ME TELL YOU.. LIFE WILL BE LIKE A LIVING HELL. 9:00 am to 6:00 pm class then from 6:00 pm to till you feel I can’t study any longer till that time you have to study each and every day. You won’t time for anything else.

Each Faculty will give you some topics and you need to do ppt and present it, This is not once in a month but literally 3-4 times in a week sometime. Some topics you won’t be able to find on google search itself.

Let me tell you about one more important thing. When we are posted in the branches, we are supposed to work on finacle. The Finacle software what we have here is a dummy version of it. Half of finacle commands doesn’t work. Half of the time the finacle server is down, so you can’t practice it. Plus, the laptop on which you work is given by manipal, is just a dubba. Its some intel core 2 duo, with pirated windows running on it, and half of keyboard keys just missing. You really start to think did I pay 4 lakh+ for this.



If you are thinking that I have a job now, I am independent and no one will stop me from taking any adventurous trip or visiting a friend while in MANIPAL etc. then my friend you are wrong. Let me tell you about your new prison.

1. For managing hostel two worthless wardens and a bunch of guards are there who will treat you like you are a slave to them and what’s even worse is that you can’t even do anything about it because they can send the report of your behaviour to the  bank.

2. NO Shorts, NO holding hands with girls or even with boys, No outside food is allowed, You can’t celebrate birthdays in your room , no iron to press your clothes , you cannot even wash your own clothes in the bathroom except your innerwear and if they found out as CCTV Camera is installed inside hostel on each and every floor then DA will be initiated. DA(Disciplinary actions) means the from the amount(Rs.2500) that is given by BOB each and every month as stipend, from that amount, different amount for different disciplinary actions will be deducted and the report sent to the bank.

3 Saturday and Sunday is holiday but if you want to go and stay with your relatives or friend then you need to take NOP(NIGHT OUT PASS) and for that you need to take NOP form from warden and you have to fill in all the details like where you are going , how many days , and when you will come, at what time. You need to submit the form to the warden and he will ask you to send email from your parents for confirmation and even tell you to call them and he will speak to him/ her regarding the NOP that you are taking. If your parents tell yes kindly allow him/her then only you are allowed to leave hostel to spend night outside. Sometimes for submitting the NOP form, the line is so huge that you will have to wait for minimum 1.5 hours for your turn. And yes, above parents thing is when you going locally that is Bangalore. But, in case of outstation, you need to show the return ticket to the warden. And incase you travel by general ticket, be ready for more drama from the warden. 

P.S. you can get only one NOP in a month and not more than that. 

4 In order to go for shopping or just a casual day out with friends , you will have to sign on register that is called DOP (day out pass) register but timing for boys are 9:30 pm and for GIRLS-7:30pm to report back to the campus . If you are late even by a single minute, DA will be initiated and your name will be sent to HOD. 


Don’t expect so much – Food is below average but you can manage by just swallowing the food. Even if you are a South Indian, you will start hating it. Just recently, insects were found in the food which was prepared. Students protested a lot, and then only they accepted their mistake and prepared something else. The management just wants to earn maximum profit by cutting down on food quality and removing items one by one from the menu. 

In the end, I know it’s always easy to say all the bad things, but when you are jobless and you are struggling for many years to get a job then any job seems like a blessing. Same was with me. For nearly 3 years I have struggled but after getting this I am seriously thinking that it’s better to struggle then to join BMSB . RRBs recruitment are also going on, so its better to go for RRBs. BOB is for name sake PSU bank but inside it is more like a private bank. Here from Day 1 we have been told that you will be doing Sales, you will have to do marketing and will have to sell Mutual fund and other 3rd party products. BOB has shifted its conventional banking to Gandhinagar Gujarat where 5000 backend people are there to do all conventional banking that is OPENING ACCOUNTS and all the other desk jobs. Because of this DESK JOB (Sitting inside branch in AC and just doing Computer work) those things are in the past. NOW for BOB main thing is marketing and sales for this reason they withdrew from IBPS and recruiting only through Manipal Global so that they will train us for SALES and MARKETING.

Seriously guys, do think over about other banks before you apply for this, give more than 100% for RRBs because BMSB is not worth it. We are doomed but for you there is still a chance.

Whatever I have told is only the half of BMSB life, it would require another 100 pages to fill the remaining.


Can anyone plz share details regarding Canara Bank po pgdbf notification 2020? Will there be any exam in 2020 ?