Bad GMAT Score 630

Hi Puys, My Judgement day 26th Dec’ 12 was not good for me. Earlier I thought not to write this not so bad story, but then few may benefit from the mistakes I made. I gave GMAT on 26.12.12 and got meager 630 and I am very disappointed wi…

Hi Puys,
My Judgement day 26th Dec' 12 was not good for me. Earlier I thought not to write this not so bad story, but then few may benefit from the mistakes I made.

I gave GMAT on 26.12.12 and got meager 630 and I am very disappointed with the score. I had prepared for my GMAT from almost all possible sources. I was getting good scores in Mock Tests also. I was very confident about my exam. Since I am working in Haryana I came to Delhi on 25th itself and stayed there. The exam was of 4 hours, I decided to take light breakfast in the morning. My exam was scheduled at 9.30 hrs, I checked out from my hotel thinking I would take some light breakfast near the Centre. But I didn't found anything near the centre and only a fruit cart was available. I bought some bananas and ate few. Then I entered the centre for my GMAT. Almost 1.50 hour after I had my bananas, I felt turbulence in my stomach and tendency to vomit. During my quant I was controlling my stomach. And by the time I finished my 2nd break and resumed the Verbal section it became very difficult to concentrate properly. Throughout the verbal I struggled for concentration. It was pretty sure that I am not going to get any good score but still I dared to click on show score. I paid the price but I did not know what went wrong whether eating forced ripened bananas or something else.

I had several loose motions and couple of vomits after I returned from the test. I went to the doctor next Day and he diagnosed me of suffering from intestine infection.

Now I don't know with this score and 9 years of work ex in Oil & Gas sector what to do, whether i shud go for 1 Year MBA, EMBA, or take another GMAT.

Please help me Puys in finding the answer.

@EducationAisle I will surely give another chance to myself.
Thanks !
@vakhravela This was really very unfortunate for you. You don't loose hope. Keeping in view the circumstances, you tried well to get 630 so I would suggest you to take GMAT again and you will surely be able to score 700+. Just keep refreshing some basic topics and don't delay to write your GMAT.

Dear vakhravela,

Thanks for sharing your story.

I would like to note, that in such case the best you can do relax, leave it behind and look what can you do with this score: if you have decided on what course do you want to go for, look for universities, check their requirements. GMAT is only one part of it usually, you may have very good scores in your previous degree, English test, great recommendations or any other achievements.

Usually the min is required 600, so you got a bit more than that, look at your chances overall. You may also check if university offers their own admission test, such as our FSAT. We do understand that situation like yours happen, and offer second chance for students, which is Frankfurt School Admission test, if successful, it waives off GMAT or GRE scores. You may check if your preferred universities offer something like that.

Do not stress yourself and give up too early. If nothing works, you can always retake your GMAT, just have a good breakfast before:)

Wishing you best of luck!

@ManyaAbroad Thanks indeed, I have resumed my preparations and will take GMAT soon.

@frankfurtadm Thank you Inga for advice and guidance. You have given a new angle of scanning the universities.
I have resumed my preparations and simultaneously I am scanning the options open at this score.


You are most welcome!

Hope, you find the studies which you like and will enter one of the best universities.

Fingers crossed.


Hi, can you please evaluate my profile. Gmat - 630 10th - 87.28 12th - 77.50 GRAD - 66.41 (Engineering) Completed 26 months of work experience in an IT firm I am a junior diploma in Singing Also, I have a very active role in social service. Have many certificates verifying that... starting from school days to this day. Can you please tell me which all colleges I can apply?? And if I should give GMAT again. Thanks!