B-School Selection

Its been very confusing for people to select perfect bschool for them. Getting sufficient Cat percentile then receiving calls from bschools with acads constraints and then at last clearing those dream bschools. Sounds awesome!

But problem arises when you have to choose best bschool among those. 


The one best suits you. saigh!

Let us help each other clearing doubts.

I've mentioned a few pros of both the colleges I want to compare, or should I say, one college and the other being a list of colleges coming under the category of IIM:

SIBM Pune: 

1) Better Average and median package (Both, summer and final placement). Summer placement figures, twice those of NEW IIMs.

2) Better campus facilities as compared to some NEW IIMs, some of them do not even have their own campus. Hence better infrastructure.

3) Smaller Batch Size of 180 students.

4) Good for marketing (Marketing is the specialization of my choice)

5) Location advantage (Pune)



1) IIM Tag

2) Less Fees

I might be wrong on several fronts but an honest opinion would be really appreciated on whether to go for SIBM Pune or NEW IIMs. Do mention your reasons as well please!

  • IIM Trichy
  • SIBM Pune
  • IIM Ranchi
  • IIM Rohtak
  • IIM Udaipur

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which one is better

  • iim rohtak
  • poll check
  • narsee monjee mubai core

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