Avengers Team 2014

They have a dream team, we couldn't be a part of it. They have a underdog team, we couldn't be a part of it either. We all may be different from each other, we may have fallen many a times in life but one thing unites us all, i.e. the spirit to rise again and rise so high to show everyone what we are capable of. So puys and pirls here I start a new team, which will work hard to be amongst the top guys of the nation.

We'll call it the AVENGERS TEAM.

May we achieve great success and make it a tradition at PG to have three teams every year instead of two. Let the assault begin.

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OK, here is my profile. (as i didn't nominate myself for UDT and none of you might know me)

Name: Arnab Dutta

X: 85.5 (Assam Board)

XII 81.2 (Assam Board) 

B.Tech 7.38 (NIT Silchar, 2011 passout)

Currently working at TCS with almost 3 yrs exp. So its evident, I have to get into a B-school this year.

CAT 2012 - 94.xx

SNAP 2012 - 98.xx

And when everything was going right (mocks and prep),

CAT 2013 - 82.xx

It took a hell lot of time to recover from the shock. I am still struggling in the mocks but I think I have got my determination back... and with only 2 months left and still a lot of things to study, I am planning on doing some serious studies now. I will try to be as much active as possible.

I am good at screwing up my VA section. 😃

Jokes apart, I feel that QA, DI and LR are my strength and I am quite comfortable with PJ and PC. Grammar and fill in the blanks are my nemesis! I also feel that my speed needs to improve. Well that's it.

Mock scores:


there are 10 bags with 1000 balls each. There are X bags with all 10kg balls and remaining bags with all 11kg balls. You have a digital / spring balance with you and you have to find all the bags that have 11kg balls. What is the minimum number of weighing required?

Post answer and logic plz

Which institute mocks are u appearing for?

Which exams are u appearing for?

Hi ppl, the spirit that we started with definitely seems to be dying. but its time to rev up. we had planned about a discussion where we would assess our strengths, weaknesses, discuss the way ahead and also get to know each other. so i m proposing a specific time tomorrow for this discussion. we cant afford to keep this pending anymore. 9PM sharp tomorrow. interested ppl, please join in. it would be great.

Puys and pirls (i dont think there are any pirls following this thread, but still), please suggest the platform of the discussion. PG message?

check this out guys


OK puys here is the outcome of our small meeting:

a. each person would share 3 gk question and 3 vocab words everyday

b. everyday at least 1 RC, LR, DI and 5 quant (not the easy ones plz) by everyone

c. whenever u come across a good concept, plz make it a habit of posting it in this thread

d. whenever u come across a doubt, plz post it here... post it in the other threads as well as there r less ppl here n there is a possibility that none of us wud b able to solve this... the idea is to know the best possible solution... so after u get the solution post it in the comments section...

thats it... zyada kuch nahi hai... 😃

i hope that everyone here will actively participate

suggestions are welcome, as usual 😃

Puys and pals follow this thread... It is good... Btw let me do my part by sharing the Carmichael function


"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there's something stronger - something better, pushing right back." Albert Camus


A verb is in the subjunctive mood when it expresses a condition which is doubtful or not factual. It is most often found in a clause beginning with the word if. It is also found in clause following a verb that expresses a doubt, a wish, regret, request, demand, or proposal.

These are verbs typically followed by clauses that take the subjunctive:

ask, demand, determine, insist, move, order, pray, prefer, recommend, regret, request, require, suggest, and wish.

Useful in questions where you are asked to find the no of integral points inside a geometrical figure: