Attention Counter Strikers !

Hi, This seems to be one of those OFF threads but believe there are people who take counter-strike far more seriously than any other activity in a B-school! To start of MDI has a huge fan-following for counter-strike and these sessions which sā€¦

This seems to be one of those OFF threads but believe there are people who take counter-strike far more seriously than any other activity in a B-school!
To start of MDI has a huge fan-following for counter-strike and these sessions which start at 9pm and go on till 2-3 am..and that's the kind of rage we guys are experiencin here...
So are there any other Counter-Strikers out there in other B-schools as well ? Maybe we can have an Inter-bschool counter strike tournament ?
Any COUNTER STRIKERS out there ?? : :



we r not into counter striker, but into strategy game AGE OF EMPIRES, car race NFS, CRICKET 2000, FOOTBALL.



Er,might be a wrong post .i just cant resist the temptation.
i m not from B-School(still doing my graduation).Half our college r CS fans.
Daily LAN servers run from 6pm - 6 am. Already there r some clans and we play clan matches regularly.

Will the IIMites also play CS???????????????????????????????????
will they have that much time??????????????????????????????????

believe me Counterstrike is a rage across MDI and I have also heard that IIMA & IIMI also have there clans and clubs..unfortunately this thread has got poor response !... anyways if ya happen to come to MDI then WAR ON dude...


Hey Raj,

Yeah, we have a good number of them playing CS. We start late in the night... 2-3 types and play for an hour or so. We've lost the enthu that we had in the first term.

Such a competition sounds good, but how do u intend to conduct such a thing?

Will the IIMites also play CS???????????????????????????????????

Diff games are famous in diff institutes. I know IIMB has a good Unreal clan, and IIMA some racing games. Dunno abt the rest... there will be something as long as LAN is present! :wink:

Hey raj,
sorry for the late response. There is a major gaming crowd in IIMB. The most popular games are AoE, Quake3, UT n NFS. We also have an annual gaming competition called AdrenaLAN in which the games are screened in the open party area (Lsquare) while the players play in their rooms.
As of now, CS is widely played individually but online CS gaming has not taken off. Too much time required to form teams and all that. So we mostly stick to team games in UT and stuff. However we are planning to start a CS tournament sometime in 3rd term when we are relatively less burdened.
And dont worry dude, IIMites will always find time for stuff they want to do ;)

Sanjeev Garuda

i dont know bout ne B-School but at IIT KGP Counter Strike is the craze.......
My username came into existence when i started playing CS.....
Though this name "CaRnaL" became famous after i started broadcasting music vidz and tv channels on the LAN ... :P....
but yeah our best counter strike clan is one of the best in kgp .....
hope i get to play CS once i get into some IIM this yr , next yr or after that :P.....

but yeah our best counter strike clan is one of the best in kgp .....
hope i get to play CS once i get into some IIM this yr , next yr or after that :P.....

Yeah, came to know from orkut that IIT-KGPs got a real good CS following. You guys also have the latest CSS right? How did u manage to get it? Any idea where we could get? And howz the system requirements like??

Looks like we are in for a Bschools-CS tournament!

Yeah we have CSS but not everyone plays it....
we still prefer cs 1.6 ....
though the graphics are amazing (after all based on HL2 engine) ppl here havent switched over to CSS.....
one of the reasons is system requirements.....
it does need a very gud graphic processor....
And regarding where we got it..... GOD only knows....
some ppl here in kgp have frnds in UK and US who share stuffs on personal FTP ......
These days we even watch a lot of series ( 2 & half men, Joey, Life as.., Apprentice....etc etc)
all this is possible bcoz of a handful of guys here in kgp who take all the pains to download stuffs..... šŸ˜




hey! anybody online with CS right now ?

why don't we setup a night CS encounter with PG junta

CS...If I don't get any calls this year, it's probably the main reason why

What the hell...theres always next year!


well assing to what govar has said.. we usually have our PGP1 vs PGP 2 tournaments.. or intra PGP class / hostel blocks tournaments..

and yes CS rocks.. we do get time off ( real unearthly times like 3 to 6 in the mornin) .. Fire in da hole šŸ˜ƒ thats doesnt deter nyone over here though.. coz most willingly stay awake jus to play of for some time...

nyways regarding the CS source.. heard that it requires gforce minmum to run.. suppose though it is quite demanding it looks stunning ..

and as far as Intra Bschool competitions.. looks real interesting..

and jus to round of ..we got our own IIM I CS tshirts on the way..

signing of from the ACS-I - (Assoc of CS - Indore)
whencool (aka black mamba)

Suddenly it looks like there are a lot of takers for counter strike, chalo am happy about that.
Heard about the CS club at I during Iris when some ppl went over for their college fests.
I really don;t know how we are gonna go about conducting this inter-b school thingy..but sure sounds exciting..
Any Magnum fans out here..(that's the best gun, one shot kill ! long range sniper rifle) B45 any one ?
maybe during our summers we can do something like that or atleast next year during the B-school fest we can incorporate it !
Dudes at IIMB believe me once you get hooked on to CS you'll never play UT again ...CS is much more realistic..and a must try for any quake/UT/halo players...

Its like graduating into reality !

Anyways good to hear from fellow counter striker !


Hi all,
happy to see many counter strikers pouring in.

WEll u dont need Geforce min to run .on-board graphics will be enough but Frame rates will be a little probs.

Yaa 1.6 is much better than source.played source and switched back to 1.6

I think we DA-IICtians have largest CS fan following(in terms of %) approx 60% CS fans(boyz only).

Our servers run for about 13-17 hrs a day.

We manage to get those games from....where else???WArez is there naa.

Yups! I know CS is much more addictive than UT, but then again, considering the constraints we have, most people wud prefer UT.
By constraints i mean, CS needs more people than UT who can play for some time. For UT, some guys can play a round or two n leave after that. In that sense CS needs u to dedicate more time for the game...which is not very easily feasible, unless the junta are totally enthu about playing the game.

@Garuda - what u said is valid point .But a CS match can last in 1hr.we play like that.
24 rounds.12 as t and 12 as ct.once a team scores 13 points,match is over.
In average u play 20 rounds-3 min each adding up to 1 hr.i think 1 hr of uninterrupted gaming is surely feasible.

Do u guyz at B Schools form clans or change teams everytime u play CS?Do u play it like a match or a pub server where ppl come & go at will?

Garuda u hv a point when u say that ppl r req 4 CS. But as deepu says, guyz in hostels r freaks and at ny given time atleast 1 unprotected server wud b up & when u r lucky u may chance upon HLTV server showin a match of "s4" (our(DAIICT) best clan) vs some other clan which generally ends in a 13-0.
:snipersm: :crazyeye:
does that look like a headshot?

whoa! so delhi has some life afterall!
cs ppl!!!!!!!!! no one here knows bout it! sucks.
cs if life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hail cs.
nice to see ive some hope if i get through mdi to kick butt...hmmm...maybe knife a few !!!!! muhuhuhahaha
been neck deep in it for a long time in pune...had 2 clans there...lots o tourneys n lots o BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
p.s: on a slightly saner note...good to know ppl like me exist too!;)