ATMA 2016 February

This is a platform to discuss about all the problems faced for ATMA February 2016. 

Any 99.99% here???

Exam strategy for atma..

level of difficulty for ATMA? and does this exam have sectional cut off or just the overall score isconsidered for admisiions? I ask this specifically with respect to the cap rounds for MH-CET 2016, is the overall score considered for CAP rounds or they also look into the sectional scores?

For 99.99 how many marks required, any idea guys?

How many marks are needed for a 99.99?

How many people take ATMA?

You should also bring with you the specimen answer sheet given in the bulletin/website. This will help you filling in the information on the actual answer sheet in the examination hall.

is it the page number 21?

List of Required Documents :

(i) Admit card with two of your recent recognizable photographs affixed in the space provided.

(ii) ATMA bulletin receipt issued to you upon making payment of registration fee or email copy.

(iii) Copy of your Registration Form

(iv) Photo Identification (In original)

(v) Specimen answer sheet given in the e-bulletin on website

(Page 19)

All the best !! 😃

Timing of the exam??

kitna score lagta hai 99.99 ke liye...??

Number of attempts

  • 175+
  • 160+
  • 150+
  • 170+
  • 180

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Result date.. Any idea??

Did 10,000 guys applied for the exam? From west bengal, it was only 91. What about others?

How much score is needed for 90+ percentile???

mumbai only 150 here..

n btw i have an attempt of 170 with 95% accuracy..what percentile probably ?

guys.. tell me which are the collgs from mumbai that accept ATMA scores and how can i apply for those colgs..???

164 questions with 95% accuracy. How much percentile can I expect?

Next in the series?

A, H, A, L, U ...

There was a question where cp/sp of 2 products was given and there was x% loss on one and x% profit on the other, overall profit/loss % was asked. My query is - The price value given in the question was that of CP or SP ? I am unable to recollect it. If somebody remembers the question, can you please answer this for me ?

@nonsha09 how many marks to score to get 70 percentile. I attempted 114 questions and left one quants section and in the other section of quants I only attempted around 10 questions. Do I have any chances to get 70 percentile.?