I believe you mean 'Assistant Commissioner Provident Fund (ACPF)' exam to be held on September 23, 2012.

Personally, I am looking for information on preparatory material.
P.S. I am completely new to UPSC exams.

@[157677:wnhelluvaguy] i am giving it first time too and yeah i meant the quoted thing only

as far as material is concerned i gave csat ias this year
the syllabus of both of them this fund ofc and csat is same only

except for few exceptions like accountancy and labour laws which i thhink are related to fund ofc laws only
for the material acc to my experience of csat
eng is gng to be easy doable thing

for general awareness thing a upsc portal book will suffice the need
only if u complete it till the end :)

and yeah ATB !!

I have learnt that Lucent's GK book is the best there is specifically for this exam.

I have this on good authority. Since, there is no aptitude thing like english, quants or reasoning in this exam, Lucent's must be sufficient.

@[157677:wnhelluvaguy] lucent's gk book comes out monthly or yearly?

@[281515:abdullko] Go on, search for lucent's GK. order it online. Rs. 166 only. You can pay COD also, if your city has that option available.

@[157677:wnhelluvaguy] LUCNET GK WILLL NOT ONLY SUFFICE


hi... all..gudmrg.... i need some suggestion reg how to prepare Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner €™s Exam. I dnt the syllabus of thsi exam .please provide syllabus and how to prepare the exam. if any one have previous papers...please forward to my mail [email protected]

is answer key available anywhere?

where is result?

Kisi ka hua? p