Aspirants for IIMA PGPX 2019-2020 session

Group connecting aspirants of PGPX 2019-2020 session at IIMA

Hi Is this the official thread ?


I am from the PGPX 16~17 batch and have been fairly active in Pagalguy over the years, in order to help aspirants clear any doubts they may have with admission. Please shoot away any questions you have, either on this post (if you think it will help the larger community) or message me for something private. 

My profile: 

Currently head Manufacturing at Ather Energy

Close to 9 years till now in the Manufacturing Sector. Had 7 years incoming into PGPX. Work ex primarily in Automotive and aerospace sectors. 

B.E in Mech Engg from BIT, Bangalore and M.E in Manufacturing from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

GMAT 710, decent acads


Is there any specific date when the shortlists will be announced?


PGPX R1 interview shortlist is out.. Selected :-)

People interested plz PM ur number... Will add u to the wtsapp grp.. Lets prepare together for the interviews.. Cheers

Congrats and all the best to the shortlisted folks. Please message in case you need any help with interviews. [email protected]

Hi.. is there any wtsap grp that is being created before the essay submissions? If not, please PM your numbers to me and I can do that at the earliest.

Hi !! Pls apprise the prospects of executive mba after 13 years of experience in technical field..can it be pursued to change the field??

Congratulations guys! Hope you are making the best use of your time. Please remember that IIMA is pretty lenient in shortlisting candidates for interviews. The real challenge is to clear the interview. So don't get complacent on getting the call, instead, put all your time and effort into essay submissions and interview preparation. While preparing for the interviews, remember that the questions will primarily be on either of the following three things - your profile, your industry and current affairs. Go as deep as you can in each of these three topics while preparing. IIMA Profs will keep asking you questions, that will penetrate layer after layer, until you either start sounding illogical, or until you really impress them with your level of preparation. If you had a fabulous GMAT score, don't bank on it, there are people with even 750/760 GMAT who get rejected. 

All the best for your preparation. :-)

Hi All, Firstly I am apprehensive that I am applying with my GRE score rather than GMAT. My GRE score is 322 ( verbal - 159, quant - 163) Can you guys tell me how the institute view GRE scores? I am applying in R2. Please evaluate my profile - 10th - 89% ; 12th - 98% B.E (Mech) from Bits, Pilani; CGPA - 8.5 9 years work experience, predominantly in Automotive industry Worked in a range of supply chain roles with core competency being strategic sourcing and vendor management. Other roles include logistics and packaging. Acted and directed stage plays in college. Worked in Vazhai - an education based ngo in Chennai Thanks, AP


GRE - 307, 10 & 12 - 80%

 B com 60%, MBA 7.7 from T3 college, 4,5 yrs exp, 2yrs self employed, 2.5 yrs - Tax consultant at Deloitte.

Are there slightest of the chances that I might get shortlisted for PGPX in R2?

Thanks for helping out.




 PGPX R1 list is out.. PM ur number to be added to the whtsapp R1 admit and Waitlist grp.. 

please add my number  8320122072

I got waitlist. No waitlist number. Can anyone help how their waitlist works

Hello Guys,

Anyone here who has got selected in Round 1 and has paid the first commitment fees?

I am facing an error "invalid input details" during payment.

Please help me out.

Hello guys, I have received an admit for PGPX 2019-2020 batch. Would love to get connected with other admits. Is there any watsapp or Facebook group for all admits. If not can we guys create one?

Did anyone with GRE scores reached the interviews? If yes, at what score?