Ask HKUST MBA Current Students (for intake 2013 aspirants)

To give back to the Pagalguy community, we-the current students at HKUST MBA have started this thread to help prospective applicants by answering their queries here. We would be happy to answer queries related to our experience at HKUST MBA…

To give back to the Pagalguy community, we-the current students at HKUST MBA have started this thread to help prospective applicants by answering their queries here.

We would be happy to answer queries related to our experience at HKUST MBA. But we would not be able to provide any comments on the possibility of someone getting selected by looking at the profiles so please avoid posting your profiles on this thread. “Profile questions will NOT be addressed by us.” Anything related to checking of status for applications submitted, please contact the MBA office directly.

We will host this thread till May end 2013 but please bear with us for around 24-48hrs to reply to your queries .

We would encourage you to visit the School website ( to get most updated information on admissions deadlines, process, GMAT range and class profile, etc.

Here are some key facts about the program:

• Our Class size is around 110 people with diverse backgrounds (e.g. Banking, Consulting, Digital Media, marketing, IT, Law, Communications to name a few) coming from 27 nationalities

• The mission of HKUST MBA is to prepare talents to “Excel in Asia” and “Lead the Globe”

• The close vicinity to China is a big plus to understand the emerging economy and to find out more about the Chinese culture i.e. both business and traditional

• Ranked 10th as per latest FT rankings, Kellogg-HKUST EMBA is ranked 1st in the world

• Most faculty members hold Doctorates or have strong industry experience which provides us broader perspective on business and management

• The Indian students in the current batch has backgrounds ranging from consulting, financial services, IT, marketing, accounting, project management and operations

This thread is managed by current students, Achal, Anirudh, Anmol, Atin, Kunal, MJ, Ravi and Shreya.

HKUST MBA Current Indian Students Team

First of all, i must commend the current Indian students team at HKUST for taking out time from their busy schedule and answer queries of applicants.

I come from marketing background and wish to steer my career in the same direction post-MBA.I look forward to work in product/brand management field.Though i am applying in other Asian B-schools i am a little skeptical about HKUST esp. with its high financial ask.Being situated in financial hub,HKUST has always been known for the opportunities in finance but what does it hold for me as far as marketing is concerned esp. product management.

@sandy46410 Hi, addressing your queries, consulting (& strategic management) is a career track in the HKUST MBA program and students from previous years' have gone into the same upon graduation. The field trips and career treks organized by the student clubs and Career Office to cities/countries in the region are also helpful in expanding your potential opportunity base.

While Mandarin knowledge is not an absolute must, rather actually varies across regions and roles (for some, not required, for others, ability to read and/or write a must), knowing the language is an advantage you could benefit from. To that extent, there is a pre-MBA training on Mandarin, language courses running through the year and also a elective on Business Mandarin offered.

@delatpg Hi, regarding your concerns over marketing, marketing is a career track in the HKUST MBA program.

There are several core and electives courses offered such as Marketing Strategy & Policy, Understanding Consumers, Market Research, Brand/Channel/Sales Management, Building a powerful consumer brand in China, Doing business in China from an Operator's perspective etc. well rounded with the program/curriculum focus on building leadership skills, Asian perspectives and a Global vision.

Recent recruiters have been Apple, LVMH, Nike, P&G;, PepsiCo, Philips, Johnson & Johnson etc.

@sandy46410 Hi, HK is an international city and is a unique melting pot of different nationalities and cultures. People come here from around the globe to study, to work and to live. Be it any country, what really matters while applying for your dream job is the necessary preparation and the required skill set. This is evident from that fact that HKUST MBA program promotes diversity in its student profile in professional function, industry and geographical location.


I have six years of experience (3 years in India + 3 years in Singapore) in IT services/consulting and am an domain expert in credit cards business. I am in little dilemma for my post MBA career choices. I have two options in mind and need to understand the prospects of both post MBA from HKUST.

1. A career in 'Product Management' in technology company. Preferably in a company that has presence in Payments Business (Credit Cards, mobile payments, payment wallets).
From placement stats, I do not think that 'Product Management' is strength of HKUST. Correct me if i am wrong?

2. Management Consulting in Payments Sector. In HKUST, Lots of people move to Consulting but not sure how easy it is to move to Consulting coming from a technical background. I do not want my application to be rejected for choosing some not-feasible career option.

Which career option would be better from HKUST perspective? I am equally interested in both but wants to choose one that is more compatible with my technology & payments background.



I'm an IT consultant from Bangalore with around 3 years of experience with reasonable extra curricular activities. Does the school usually look for students having more work ex than me. I'm interested to get into business consulting after MBA. How are the prospects of Biz consulting in HK ? Does the school have a lot of consulting firms hiring from it's premises.

Thanks in advance.

I also wanted to ask what are the odds of students with my kind of profiles getting scholarships. I feel that the financial risk can be mitigated to a great extent with a good scholarship.


what exactly constitutes a good extra curricular profile?
Is showing leadership in sports related activities considered? or should it be in a professional environment?
As for the recommendation part- can someone from an NGO i am part of (part time) recommend me? is it advisable?
In the last 2 years I have been working with 2 different companies in 3 different domains...
is this good? cause, i am not a domain expert in any of them.
And by the above messages I take it placement in consulting (my interest) is very good?


Hi Summy1983

Great to learn about your interest in HKUST.

One word of advice, please do not craft your career goal based on the strength/weakness of a school/economy. Reflect a bit into your career and write about what appeals the most to you; the rest will follow.

Regarding Product Management, HK is not the place where IT product management takes place. HK is a place for business development/marketing and sales in IT services/ products area. Shenzhen is the place where you will find product development in IT but you may need Mandarin skills for such jobs.

There are quite a few management consulting opportunities in Mainland China. You may need Mandarin capabilities for such jobs. Ease of switching job function again depends on you. There are many in the current batch who aspire to be management consultants and they come from various backgrounds such as Corporate Finance, IT, Telecom, etc. If you are passionate about it, you will figure out a way to hatch the job that you like.

Hope I have answered your questions. Apologies for the late reply, this was our exam week.

Good luck with your application.


Hi Bizinmyblood
There are a few management consulting companies hiring in the HK area but their client base is in Mainland China. You may need Mandarin skills to get such a job.

There is no minimum benchmark for the no. of years of experience. This year the peer age group starts from 24 and goes beyond 30. As long as you have a great story to tell, the number of years of work experience should not matter.

I can not comment on whether your profile can fetch a scholarship. Scholarships depend on the quality of the incoming application pool and available fund with the MBA program office. It may vary from year to year.

Hope I have answered your questions



Hi nksbits

Since it is extra curricular activities, it may be any environment.

Regarding the recommendation, I will get back to you.

Well, HKUST is not looking for domain experts; so don't worry about that.

Yes, there are many Management Consulting opportunities in Mainland China; you may need Mandarin skills for such jobs.

Hope I have answered your questions. I will get back to you on the second one. In case you are approaching the R1 deadline, please feel free to speak to the admissions team directly. They are very prompt.

Good luck with your application


Hi nksbits

You could use your recommendation from the NGO. Adcoms will prefer to have the other two recommendations from your professional colleagues such as supervisors.

Hi Vaibhav,
There is no specific work experience requirement. In our batch, the average years of experience is around 6 years. We have classmates with 3-4 years of experience and some classmates with 7-8 years as well. More than the number of years, the quality of work experience in terms of international exposure, kind of roles and responsibilities is important.

Good luck!



Applying to R1 of HKUST.
680 on Gmat, 3.76 gpa BITS Pilani. Marine Engg
Ship Surveyor. Risk Assessment and Certification Work and sailing Experience. International working experience and now in Norway working as a Consultant. Work ex of 4.75 years by July 2013.
Want to do this MBA and remain in Shipping. HK has some of the biggest shipping companies.

Wanted to ask about my chances? Also is there anyone with a Shipping/Marine background in your cohort?
Would be grateful for your time and advice.

Hi vibhorsahay,

Yes there is someone with a marine background from current 2012 batch. Interesting to see you are from BITS Pilani. Which year did you graduate?


@hkustmba2013 Hi pals! I am interested in HKUST program but a bit apprehensive about the financing part. I have read in some other forum that HKUST doesn't offer any loans and the int'l candidates have to procure loan from their own home country. Considering that education loan in India does not come without offering collateral, what are the options left for finance? My decision to apply is based on this financing issue, so I will appreciate the clear insight on the same. Thanks in advance.
Hi man. Thanks for the info. I did my marine engg from Tolani Maritime Inst affiliated to BITS Pilani. 2008 batch passout.

Hi Guys, I am from a graduate from University of Pune, India.... my aggregate percentage is 68.9%. How do I convert it to scale of 10 as required by HKUST ?