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I am planning to do my MBA in near future. I need some insight on Asian MBA and US MBA, which is better in terms of job prospects and brand? Is it worth investing in a NUS MBA or invest in NUS double degree programs i.e, with HEC Paris and PHUK un…

I am planning to do my MBA in near future. I need some insight on Asian MBA and US MBA, which is better in terms of job prospects and brand? Is it worth investing in a NUS MBA or invest in NUS double degree programs i.e, with HEC Paris and PHUK university?
Please give your suggestions.

Why don't you share a simple placement information of your school like

Total student : 12
Student NOT looking for job:1

Company || Number || Median Salary || Location ||

ABC || 6 || $80,000 || Hong Kong

XYZ || 5 || $70,000 || London, Singapore

Total : 6+5 = 11


Thanks Sumit, appreciate that. Data protection laws or privacy laws in general applies to indivuals. No one asked you to name the students, that would be truly crazy.

However, naming companies that are recruiting from a school is incredible. I know German privacy laws are one of the strictist but hard to believe that they goes to such an extend. In privacy laws, there is always something called mutual consent and it is hard to believe your school never looked into that aspect.

Thanks once again


Thanks buddy.

Dear Krish2012,

I am Varun Arora, founder of Map My B-School, an MBA admissions advisory firm founded by alums of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and London Business School (LBS). Having completed my MBA from an Asian School in partnership with a European school, I can say that double degree programs definitely help in exposure and building a wider life long network.

There is no doubt that the center of world economy is shifting towards Asia and as a result job prospects are better in Asia. This was the main reason why I went for an MBA from Asia School. NUS brand and reputation have grown a lot in last few years and the school also offers good job prospects in Singapore and South-East Asian countries. I don't know much about your profile but I would advise you to look at US School only if its in top 10-15. If not, look for Asian Schools like NUS, HKUST and HKU. These schools are offering better job prospects and return on investment.

Varun Arora
Founder, Map My B-School

Thank you Map My B-School

I am working in IT industry started this year. How are the job prospects if one graduates from top Asian B schools? i.e, HKU,NUS,NTU,HKUST. How is the acceptance rate into these schools? What is the GMAT score, work ex required and other factors required? What is the median salary one will be earning after graduation? As I will be financing MBA by educational loans.
@Map_My_B_School How about Asian Institute of MAnagement?

In almost all schools outside India, focus is more on networking. Campus placement is a rare thing. As I said in my previous post, these schools are good and job prospects in Asia are also good. I feel that for non-mandarin and non-Cantonese speakers, Singapore is starting to offer better job opportunities than what Hong Kong is offering.

Acceptance in these schools depends on lot of factors like GMAT, Work-Ex and Extra-curricular activities. So there is no clear cut-off for any of these factors. In last five years, average GMAT score for these schools is in the range of 660-700. But this is just the average. I would suggest you to look at these schools only when you have atleast three years of experience as this is the minimum work-ex for these schools.

Varun Arora
Founder, Map My B-School


Reputation of AIM is growing but I would still not place AIM along with the schools mentioned above. Things that work in favor of AIM are growing opportunities in Philippines and Indonesia. So if you know or can learn any South-East Asian language, you really can do well in this region. Cost of the program is also comparatively less. On the downside, lack of international diversity has been the biggest let down in AIM.

Varun Arora
Founder, Map My B-School

@Map_My_B_School I heard there is a language barrier with HKUST also. Is it true?
@reviliant, Language is a barrier for certain roles like marketing, sales, equity research. Hong Kong is increasingly becoming more and more China focused and rightly so given the growth and size of China's economy.

Having said that, Hong Kong is still very international and so is the class at HKUST and HKU.

@Map_My_B_School : Thanks for your advice. Are there no campus placements for HKUT and other Asian business schools? What is the probability of finding job after graduation?
@Map_My_B_School : even the international firms consider language as barrier? Necessary to speak Mandarin to get a job?
@krish2012 : One does not rely on campus placements. There is no trend of campus placements in schools outside India. Focus is on networking. Everyone finds job. Its just a matter of time depending on what kind of roles you are looking at, the overall market and place where you are looking for the job.

Varun Arora
Founder, Map My B-School

Hi , guys I am looking for B schools ..I have 2 yrs of exp in IT..My Gmat score is 710,,suggest B schools which will accommodate me. Thanks😃


I am looking for the best possible MBA abroad with my profile. I would be really thankful to all who can help.

I am not a topper of my class but had been an all-rounder through out my career.

I scored:

X-74.2% GPA-3.5

XII-78.6% GPA-3.5

BE-72.09% GPA-3.5

I am currently working under a construction company as an associate manager, also given d responsibility by the MD, to analyze and enhance his political ventures. Here, I and my team members analyse different perspective of d political system and how it affects d result. He has also given me the responsibility to prepare business pitches and develop the business by guiding the team members of MD's Medicos company. I have been working here since May 2012. I have cleared the level I exam for french from French Alliance.

I had been selected in Indian Air Force for all its 3 branches (viz. Flying, Administrative and Technical) , but could not join due to Congenital medical problem of spine. Later on I was also selected for the Indian Army and even had the Joining instructions but did not join because a Major who already was serving and also a pass-out of OTA Chennai suggested not to join as it is one of the toughest military academies in Asia. He said my problem of Spine can aggravate and nobody listens to you, once u got there. However, I always wanted to join the armed forces especially the IAF (Flying).

I have been an active sports personnel in my school and college life. Won the Inter-district Quiz Competition organised by the Institute of Engineers. I was the Vice-Captain of my College Cricket team represented the college at State level Cricket Tournament and won the District Level Tournament. Won Badminton and Volleyball tournament for my department in inter-Departmental Sports meet. In school, played various sports Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Kho-Kho and Kabbaddi and won different Competitions respectively. Also won a prize in Science exhibition at district level.

Now I wish to join the best possible B school for my PG. I am mainly aiming at LBS, OXFORD, Cambridge, Imperial College London,etc. in UK. I know that It is nearly impossible for me to get into Harvard and Stanford, but i am looking at other top B schools in US. Although if I can get an admission to any B School which features in top 30 in the world and which is outside US and UK I will also consider that option. And therefore require help from u ppl. Kindly suggest and help.

I am expecting a score of 720 in GMAT will give it Feb 14

Thanx in advance 😃

Hi, my GMAT score is 690 and I want to do MBA from abroad. Could you suggest me any reputed university where I can get into through my GMAT score.

How much earlier should we book the slot for GMAT ? I have to give it before 15th June and I havent taken a date yet. Will I get a date in a month's time ?

Dear All,

I wish to do MBA in near future for which I am preparing for GMAT. But ,I have certain questions which if answered can be very helful for me in deciding further course of action.

1. I have 22 months of work experience in IT feild. For admission in top universities across globe is it essential to have 60 months of work experience ?

2. I have already strated with my GMAT preparation on my own. However, I wish to join classes as it provide GMAT coaching+TOEFL+Post exam consulting at Rs.30000. So, in short its a ONE STOP SHOP. Is it a right decision or can there be an alternative ?

3. Many forums mentions that a good profile(i.e Recommendations from top management, National level sports, NGO etc) is preferred in top universities. I have none of the mentioned. Also, my score for Engineering is 75%(Mumbai University). How much do I need to improve on my profile ?

4. I wish to give exam in December 2014. Can I apply to all B-Schools in India and Foreign Countries ? What is the right time to apprear for GMAT.

Please answer.