Asha Hyderabad Chapter conducting ACE Quiz at ISB, Hyderabad on 4th June

Hi PG Junta, The Asha Hyderabad Chapter is conducting ACE 2005 Quiz, a fund raising event to support a school in kukatpallu. We are looking for people who would want to participate, sponsor, make personal donation or volunteer. Th…

Hi PG Junta,

The Asha Hyderabad Chapter is conducting ACE 2005 Quiz, a fund raising event to support a school in kukatpallu.

We are looking for people who would want to participate, sponsor, make personal donation or volunteer.

The detaila about the Quiz are given below.

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to be a part of ACE 2005, a Corporate Quiz Contest being organized by the Hyderabad chapter of Asha on the 4th of June 2005 at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.
About Asha
Asha is a nonprofit voluntary organization dedicated to socio-economic development in India through education for underprivileged children. Asha believes that education is paramount for propelling socio-economic change in the society. Asha was founded at University of California at Berkeley, USA, in the summer of 1991, by a group of students including the Magsaysay awardee Dr. Sandeep Pandey. Since then, Asha has steadily grown in strength and number, and today has chapters in several countries with over 1000 global volunteers, and has disbursed about $4 million for 385 projects spanning 24 states in India.

About ACE 2005
The Hyderabad Chapter of Asha which was formed in 2003 has been constantly identifying and supporting projects aimed at providing the basic needs of children in Andhra Pradesh
As part of this continuous endeavor, the Hyderabad chapter is organizing ACE 2005, a quiz for corporate teams whose proceeds would go towards the welfare of students of Yellammabanda School, Kukatpally, Hyderabad. This school serves the children of quarry workers in the slums of Kukatpally.

The quiz is being conducted by K-circle

The team size would be two per team and companies can send in as many teams as they wish.
Sponsorship is
Rs 5000 per team ( if one team per company )
Rs 4000 per team ( if more than one team per company )
Prize money worth Rs 60,000.

You can also be a part of this noble endeavour and help us in following ways:
1.Enrolling teams from your organization to participate in the quiz.Click here for the participation form
2. Being a sponsor for the event. Click here for the sponsorship form. (You can refer to the Sponsporship Details listed here here)
3. Making donations to Asha.
The cheque or DD can be made in favour of "Asha". All donations are 50% exempt under section 80G.
For more information about Asha and the Hyderabad Chapter in particular, please visit our websites and

Complete Details about ACE are avialable at

We hope to have your participation and support in making this event a success.

With Best Regards,
Anuj Kadyan

Asha hyderabad
[email protected]

PS : For any queries contact the asha volunteer who can give you a better insight of the same. Also to donate kindly drop in a mail to Anuj Kadyan so that the donations could be collected personally and a receipt for the same can be given.

I'm participating in the quiz. My company (YASU Technologies, Hyd) is sponsoring me for the quiz along with another colleague .


Has been a long time since the event was on 4th june

In brief it was a very successful event. And we are really thankful to
you and ISB for that. On the day of the event we dint have any
problems and everything went according to the plan. Thanks to the
extreme cooperation of the ISB support staff.

We had 38 participating teams and had around 300 plus audience for the
Quiz. We had some sponsors also. We finally managed to raise 2 lakh
ruppes for the school.

We haev started off the mid day meal programme at the school at at
present there are around 250 school children who are benifitting from

The cost of one day's meal comes to around 1500 for them. We are
raising the remaining amount by getting people to sponsor a days meal
at the school. So hopefull we will be able to manage it for full year.

Going forward we haev plans to link up with various corporates who are
interested in helping us in such projects. We are planning to do more
awareness campaigns and fund raising in future and also get involved
in more projects . if possible we would also try to start local asha
chapters outside Hyderabad to widen ourr each.

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