APPSC Group 1 Screening test and Mais discussion

APPSC group 1 examination related discussions and sources.


I think the cut off would be in the range of 50-55


Can anyone help how to study for group 1 mains plzz

Any news about Result Date? Guesses are welcome.

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Dear friends the exam is group 1 all are thinking about cut off but cut off not go down bcoz of low vacancies (78)and civils aspirents and groups aspirents wrote these exam only 3900 will be qualified for mains so as per my opinion cut off not go down it will be around 70+ after deduction of negative marks thank u 

It's always better to utilize time rather than worrying about cut off. Here are the 2011 Mains re exam essay paper, let's try our ability to write essay.

Essay 2

Essay 3

I scored 55 any chance of passing through belongs to BC 

I am returning to Pagalguy after a very long gap, this platform helped me I know it is a bit futile to discuss about cut-offs and ideally we should be continuing our preparation for mains, but let us discuss certain facts here:

1) The exam was conducted at a time when lot of people in AP seriously preparing for Group-2

2) Due to very less no.of posts(78) even though the multiplier is 50, is resulting in a small no. i.e., 3900

3) Unlike UPSC prelims where there is less return for aggressive guessing due to the fact that one needs to know not just the right answer, but also what is the wrong answer( Im talking about statements and then giving choices), in Group-1 due to simplified options one may get more answers right by intelligent guesses.

4) The paper tilted more towards Civils orientedness (I mean, questions are a bit conceptual, Minimal current affairs, Based on standard materials like Economic survey etc.,). This would help those sincere aspirants who are going to give prelims this year.

5) Since it will be an open cut-off , means one cut-off for all categories, it will be a bit higher than the average performance.

On the other side, there are some counter-balancing factors like:

1) The paper given for G-1 prelims was entirely different from the memory based Group-2. In fact, it is bcoz of the same reason, many of the G-2 aspirants rushed to fill the postponement option given by APPSC for G-2 mains after giving G-1 prelims.

2) Most of the serious aspirants of G-2, even though they are good in their preparation were not accustomed to negative marking in prelims and ended up attempting more and got their scores reduced.

3) I along with some of my friends who went atleast to the interview level of either G-1 or Civils havent prformed that well in this paper shows this paper is on the tougher side. So cut-off will be reduced.

4) Around 5-6 questions which are going to be either deleted or given multiple options wll make chance for a lowered cut-off

After the above facts and some score inputs from my friends whose preparation level I know, the cut-off will be lesser but not as less like it wont be below 40 for sure. Even I will say very bleak chances for people under 50. Around 55- 60 seems to be the possibility for cut-off


I'm qualified for Group 1 mains. Score 76.19. Cut-off is around 55.1
Highest score - 96.94.
No. of candidates crossed 90 is 9.
No. of candidates crossed 80 is 106.
No. of candidates crossed 75 is 247.
No. of candidates crossed 70 is 553.


Kindly give the Books for Andhra Portion in Group-1 Mains..!!!

 any  idea  regarding  no. of  pages  for  each  essay  and  no.  of  pages  for  each  question  in  other  papers in appsc grp 1 answer booklet?  

Any predictions on APPSC Gr    mains cut off  ..?

Gr1 ..cut