Application form of cat

I recently received my 6th semester marksheet. So the issue is that up till 5th semester I had an overall cgpa of 8.046 which my college rounded off to 8.05 and I secured 7.77 sgpa in my 6th semester. Now while filling the cat application I simply multiplied 8.05 by 5 and added 7.77 yo it and then divided whole by 6 and obtained 8.003 cgpa till 6th semester, but recently when I received my 6th semester marksheet they didn’t use the 8.05 as an overall cgpa till 5th semester but rather added all the individual sgpa in respective semester thereby summing up to 48 and hence an overall cgpa of 8. Will it make any difference in my CAT application form or while verification of the documents. Please let me know the relevant solution if it will make any difference( I mailed them for the same but they said no changes can be made)