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How to boost your taxi business to the next level with a Uber clone app?


The backbone of every business is the strategies you apply that make your business more appealing to your customers. In this competitive environment, running a business is almost challenging. That too if you wish to enter the taxi business the competition is much heavier.

Don’t panic. This blog will help you launch a taxi business by educating you on a few crucial measures you need to employ for a successful business.

Own a website/app for your business- Having a flawless website/app for your taxi business will lure customers and will also expose your brand among potential customers. While most of your users will prefer booking through apps, you should still have a website version for your service.

Social media presence- Any business needs to branch out its presence into different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., Be consistent in updating your social media profile that will highly contribute to your brand awareness. If you are not consistent in updating the profiles/services on social media people may doubt your existence.

Display ads in Media- Apart from promoting your business in social media you should also display ads in media that will cover people of every generation.

Target your audience- Targeting your potential users is necessary, failing which the purpose of your business is defeated. Know who your target audience is by following a few tactics. When someone searches for taxi-riding services, they may be the potential lead. You can capture their demographics and other preferences. Based on this you can extend your service to their location.

The Uber clone app is the trending on-demand taxi service app that is mostly preferred by entrepreneurs and business owners. Launch this app and take away more benefits. 

Why use Uber clone to launch a taxi business?

Getting around town has never been easier. No longer do people have to experience the brunt of having to wave down cabs on the streets, and hope that they’re vacant. The way people commute from one place to another has been completely transformed by smartphone applications.

Hiring a cab today is as simple as tapping a few buttons on a mobile phone. You don’t even have to make a phone call! Through the application, your designated driver will know exactly where you are, and will drop you to where you need to go without uttering a word. That’s how much has changed in comparison with the times when you had to make long elaborate phone calls to the cab company and to the drivers to direct them to where you are.

If you’re a taxi business that still hasn’t digitized cab operations, then it’s high time you get started right away. The number of people who book cabs through mobile software is rapidly increasing, and there are several opportunities that you can unlock with your very own taxi dispatching software.

The best way to develop a taxi app is by using an Uber clone app. All you have to do to launch your software in stores, is simply design and customize it. Here are some of the essential benefits that come with offering your service through mobile software.

- Increased exposure
- Larger stream of revenue
- Easy transactions
- Automate tasking processes
- Offer features that your customers can personalize
- Manage a large fleet of vehicles

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How to startup an on-demand taxi app with Uber clone script?

From being a small ride-hailing company in March 2009 to operating now in 93 countries and more than 10,000 cities, the journey of Uber has been inspiring. It has survived rapid changes in the market conditions and the entry of new competitors by constantly making suitable changes to its business model.

It not only facilitates the instant booking of comfortable taxis for passengers but also provides drivers with a good source of income by driving regularly and eventually assisting them to become successful entrepreneurs.

Creating a similar platform like Uber will involve a large capital expenditure by the entrepreneur and a long time-frame to get into the market. It is best to procure a ready-made and feature-packed Uber clone instead. The customized Uber clone app consists of well-functioning Android and iOS apps for the users, drivers, and a robust admin panel. 

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What is the cost of developing an app like Uber?


Developing a ride-sharing app similar to Uber is made easy nowadays. There are several app development companies that can help you create a taxi app. Now, coming to the development cost, it varies from locations to locations. Usually, developers charge hourly rates for app development. Some of the essential stages and their total hours include,

- Brainstorming ideas and analyzing needs - 150-200 hours.
- Designing the app - 100-150 hours.
- Develop the app’s front-end - 700-800 hours.
- Back-end development - 300-400 hours.
- Testing the app - 200 hours (on average).

Now, when it comes to hosting solutions, shared or cloud hosting can be the best because it can withstand heavy traffic without any hassle. Shared hosting rates vary between $2 - $15 per month, while Cloud hosting can vary between $5 - $100 per month.

Thus it takes around 2000-2500 hours on average to develop an app like Uber, the appropriate hosting, and maintenance fees as mentioned above. Assuming the development rate to be $10 per hour, it takes $20000 - $25000 to create the taxi app.

For a alternative and inexpensive way of taxi app development, you can choose a Uber clone app. Uber Clone is a ready-made taxi app solution that help you to create a taxi app that connects passengers and drivers, similar to Uber, but with modifications. 

Which company you can get an multi services app solution?


Initially, what is a multi-service app?
Often termed as the ‘Super’ app, the app offers multiple services under one roof. Apps like Gojek, Grab, etc., are examples of multi-service apps. By providing numerous services, the app manages to attract a wider range of the audience and gain increased revenue within a short time span.

What are the ways to develop a multi-service app?
The multiple ways to develop a super app include,
- Developing from the ground
- Customizing ready-made clone apps

Developing from scratch: In this type of app development, you approach app development companies, tell them your plans, and initiate developing the app from the ground. This model takes around 4-5 months for app development. Multiple stages, including app design, front-end development, back-end development, app testing, etc., take place.

Customizing clone apps: This is an emerging technique, wherein an app development company offers customized clone app solutions. You can modify the app according to your needs and launch your app instantly. A Gojek Clone app is cost-effective, time-conserving, and highly efficient.

What is the best region for app development?
It is upto the entrepreneur to decide the best region for app development. The development costs vary from region to region. You do not need to worry about the region of development if you opt for clone app solutions. 

What are the attractive features that can be added to any taxi application?

In recent days, there are more taxi apps comes with many attracting and user-friendly features, Uber also added some outstanding features in their taxi booking application. Here I have listed some of the highlighting features in the current taxi booking application.

  • Multiple Destinations
  • Ride Sharing
  • Quite mode option
  • Panic Button
  • Route Optimization
  • Fare Sharing
  • Safety alarm
  • Trip Scheduling
  • Much more.

You can see above said features in the SpotnRides taxi booking application.