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We are a group of finance professionals with over 3-5 years of experience. Though some of us have been blogging for the last few years, we are now planning to start a collaborative blog on topics related to stock ideas, macroeconomic trends, and i…

We are a group of finance professionals with over 3-5 years of experience. Though some of us have been blogging for the last few years, we are now planning to start a collaborative blog on topics related to stock ideas, macroeconomic trends, and investment opinions on various asset classes. A collaborative blog would help us have more frequent posts leading to higher reader interest and hence increased interactivity.

We welcome all Puys who can develop an investment thesis and articulate their views and opinions. We will be glad to share some sample articles that we have written.
@DEVILISHANGEL Hi, your concerns are totally valid. My responses follow starting with our introductions. I am Neeta and I have 3 years experience as independent equity research analyst at CRISIL Research. Attached is one of my reports. My fellow contributor and husband Vinay has 8 years experience including 4 years at CRISIL Research. Three others who have evinced interest thus far, are our friends from previous organizations including CRISIL, a brokerage house, and a consultancy firm. Our respective detailed profiles are available on stockmusings dot wordpress dot com.

Our standard setting mechanism relies on a mix of self assessment and moderation. Presently, we ourselves are the moderators / editors responsible for publishing only articles which are free of major language errors, are analytically sensible, and adhere to our pre-defined standards. Once a new contributor does a couple of articles acceptable to current moderators, he/she can join-in as a moderator. A background in research (educational or work experience) certainly helps but is not a pre-requisite as we believe that basic financial literacy and clarity of thought is all it takes to spot wining investment ideas. Also, a reasonably good grip on language would help clearly communicate the thoughts.

We have some clearly defined standards on what we publish on the blog – we don't accept advice based on technical analysis alone, we don't publish language that implies certain outcomes (stock price will rise), and a few others. They are published on the blog and we periodically add to them and encourage you to add new/review existing.

This is a serious and long term endeavour for us and it is precisely for this reason that we are looking to work as a team as individual bloggers usually find it difficult to regularly write articles on a sustained basis. Readers then lose interest and stop their following, making the blog life-less. The readership and interactivity (comments) also go up hugely with multiple bloggers bringing the blog alive.

Would like to know about you and any reports / articles that you may have written.

@brijwanth Hi Brijwanth, Could you please introduce yourself? I'll then send you a contributor invite to the blog. Do share sample articles if any.
@SKD1988 Where I expect this to lead to is a professional blog on the Web abuzz with activity, where Indian investors - both retail and institutional, can find analytically sound, well articulated, and unbiased opinions on investing ideas.

We have as yet not come across a similar forum and feel the need for it every other day when we see poorly reasoned investment ideas being broadcast even on National business news channels, often without disclosing massive conflict of interest situations.

@neeupp I am a technical graduate(B.Tech-Electronics) who has a passion for stock markets. I have been following the stock markets (public listed equities) for the past 8 years. I am currently employed with a public sector bank as a credit analyst for SME's. Technically speaking i evaluate the project proposals with loan requirements of Rs. 1 Cr. to 100 Cr.

With a keen interest on stock markets (and of course to have a formal fin. degree) I am currently preparing for 2013 Level 2 CFA Exam. I'll send a sample article shortly by email. PM me the ID

Good to know you Brijwanth. Sorry about the delay. Just back from a 3-day Rajasthan holiday! I'm trying to send you an invite to the blog but there seems to be some hitch with my wordpress right now. I will send you the invite tomorrow. Also, I have PMed you my email ID. My responses to earlier queries would've answered some of your queries I hope. Any unanswered or new queries are most welcome.

All the very best for your blog. Looking forward to viewing the final outcome

UPDATE: We have moved to our own domain with an all new Web layout and added new features: StockMusings dot com

@pratik_k Thanks Pratik. We sure hope to keep getting better over time but there is no such thing here as a final outcome so you are welcome to view and even contribute right-away.

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Update: You can now contribute your articles in a much simple way. Visit the site to register and start contributing.

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