any one for xlri GMP progarm

hi anyone for xlri gmp program a one year program…

hi anyone for xlri gmp program a one year program.....


Actually Quite a few people in the GMP batch of 06( including myself). Pls check out the thread

Dont worry you got good company 😉


hi thanx ,i m waitlisted at no 7 (xlri GMP).is there any chance... also any info in this regard is wellcome....]

Hi Ballemount,

Hope u clear the WL & join us:) . Presently, u can join in our thread .

Don't worry U will surely make it.

There seems to be a few dilly dallying people. I know a person in Mumbai thru PG thread only. And out of so many (around 35) only few of us
So celebrate

We all pray in God that U join us!!:)

Girish B Hukkeri

thanx nitin....u have any idea on waiting list no cleared last year...i m keen to join ...hope will get through....anyone like me having waiting list in gmp pl reply...

cee u

ball me out

Don't worry U sh'd make it.:)

There are no details avlbl to me.

Join GMP batch thread. Hope that augurs well for U



HI Ballmeout:

I know of one person in chennai, who attended interview with me, & not joining in. So thats one up for you.

Take it from me, We'll meet you at Jamshedpur.


thanx a ton buddy for the 2 keen 2 meet u all there...:)

Hi ballmeout,

dont worry u r surely going to be there at GMP , i know two guys from tisco who r not joining, there would be many more , so keep rocking.


it seems god is accepting my prayers ...i will increase the frequency now so that i will get thru ASAP... anyways ..anyone got the call letter ...any one who is also in the w/l...