any Indian Ocean fans out here???

listening to the soundtrack of black a die hard fan of indian ocean.have seen their live shows and they take me to another dimension.cant compare them to anyone but they are close to desi pink floyd. …padh liya aaj main quran main…pa…

Yeah.....Grt original music......Dudes need to market their music well.....Their Kandisa was real good & folky.......

aarey rukja re kudrat haas padegi ho!!!wat a song ..wat lyrics....this band is amazing...the first time bollywood has done smthing intelligent get the soundtrack done by some awesome band..3 cheers for indian ocean...

hi fellas,
agreed indian ocean plays some amazing fusuion !! hav attended a live show of Indian Ocean once at our college.. am a great fan of their second album esp.. a song Ma Reva (traditionally a gujju song) is one of my fav..

Long live music!!
Ravish 😁

KANDISA ..... Loved that Song and Album
Ravish Says
.. a song Ma Reva (traditionally a gujju song)

It is not a Gujju song...It is a traditional song of Malwa for river Narmada which is called Reva in Nimad 😉 :)

Kandisa, Rewa, Bhor, Jhini my favourites :)


mine only favourate is Maa Reva tht is one song which yuo can listen thousand times a day 😁 😁

Just an observation.

An Indian ocean fan thread started by Bryan Adams?
Now that's what I call true fusion!

Loved the Black Friday song. Amazing!
Dunno if ne1 recalls, but thr used to b this show on erstwhile star plus called "Good Morning India" - The title music was by Indian Ocean.

and from what i heard , Indian ocean rocked at IIM C very recently , good band

I have heard all albums of IO, except for the BF one and can say that it is presently the best band in india zero or no zero

And dont compare it to PF. they couldnt have played the songs IO plays so well. THey are more like Phish better live than in studio ... a jam band.


Bhai log why the hell do u want to compare Indian Ocean and Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is Pink Floyd and no body can play the kind of music they do...
Indian Ocean is a good band, but PLEASE don't compare them with PF...*cry*
Desi version of Pink Floyd
I can't even imagine what desi version of Comfortably Numb sound like *wink*

Tracerbullet Says
they couldnt have played the songs IO plays so well

Can IO play anything close to what PF played?


PS : 1 thing I'm sure about is...When u r high u'll prefer PF over IO anyday 😉

hi friends,
Me too a fan of Indian Ocean. Kandisa and Ma rewa r my favs and r simply superb. Too good a band and one of the best bands in India...not much of a choice though in India....other thn Parikrama ofcourse.

And pls dont compare IO to Pink Floyd. Man how cud u?????????? ..this is my personal opinon

Pink Floyd is like GOD............the best rock band tht ever was......again a personal opinion. i guess Akshat wud agree wit me on this
But comparin IO to PF is like comparin Kaif to Sachin.tis like kaif is good...but then Sachin is the GOD ...
Black Friday soundtrack is just amazin.....gr8 work..
Van Nistelrooy

Thank God someone wrote it Before I did. Took the teeth away from this mail. Have heard Indian Ocean very often and have attended 3 of their live shows. They're one of the Best in India..But Pink Floyd :grab: They're GODS.. really... They stay right where they belong... In our Hearts and Soul. Please Don't humiliate either groups by comparing them... I cudn't even get the legendary Jim Morrison near them.

Lastly, though it seems more like an IO bashing club, it;s Not. They play good music too.. an yeah.. let them stay that way....

they are good......the music they play is quite folky and thats what is quite refrshing about the band
asheem's percussions are really great......
they represent an original indian rock band.....and i would say share equal repu as PARIKRAMA.

i think the indian rock music really depends on these two bands that can represent india on a global front......i mean they are not of the types that play really hardrock or metal but they are good in their kind.......but the problem with the indian bands is marketing perhaps,the sponsors......

Ma rewa

IO is gr8 susmit's guitarring is way cool.. peaceful but melodious solos..

yup.... became a big time fan after attending their live concert this year at MOOD INDIGO ...
but dunno why ... somehow the songs dont sound as gud on the comp as they did live... maybe coz i heard them first with such a rockin audience... am trying to get a cd of any live show of theirs...

Has anyone got some live IO videos ??

too good man, too good
i think they r the best band in india across all
genres. i have attended arnd 5 live concerts and
simply loved them. i do have some of their mp3s
but no videos.

Well friends.....I was really mad about one particular song "Arey rukza re bande....arey thamza re bande" I guess the movie name was black friday...right???

Love Indian Ocean...
To put it very simply... They ROCK...

Pink Flyod is a Jazz band..
Metallica is a Rock band...
Indian Ocean is a _____ band..

They are looking for an answer to that blank..
They even started a contest on the official website...

So lets put our grey cells together and come up a genre that would encompass their music to the soul...

What say..

My take would be..
Folk Rock..
I can;t do better than that


Yes the song is from Black Friday...